This is a config file for CS1.6 (and all other GoldSource games, and Source games too for that matter). Paste its contents in a config file and execute it. Bind a key to "bee" and every time you press it, the next line of the Bee Movie will automatically be sent in chat for your convenience.

I have to include it in a page because neocities blocks the file itself.

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alias bee1 "say According to all known laws;alias bee bee2"
alias bee2 "say of aviation,;alias bee bee3"
alias bee3 "say there is no way a bee;alias bee bee4"
alias bee4 "say should be able to fly.;alias bee bee5"
alias bee5 "say Its wings are too small to get;alias bee bee6"
alias bee6 "say its fat little body off the ground.;alias bee bee7"
alias bee7 "say The bee, of course, flies anyway;alias bee bee8"
alias bee8 "say because bees don't care;alias bee bee9"
alias bee9 "say what humans think is impossible.;alias bee bee10"
alias bee10 "say Yellow, black. Yellow, black.;alias bee bee11"
alias bee11 "say Yellow, black. Yellow, black.;alias bee bee12"
alias bee12 "say Ooh, black and yellow!;alias bee bee13"
alias bee13 "say Let's shake it up a little.;alias bee bee14"
alias bee14 "say Barry! Breakfast is ready!;alias bee bee15"
alias bee15 "say Ooming!;alias bee bee16"
alias bee16 "say Hang on a second.;alias bee bee17"
alias bee17 "say Hello?;alias bee bee18"
alias bee18 "say - Barry?;alias bee bee19"
alias bee19 "say - Adam?;alias bee bee20"
alias bee20 "say - Oan you believe this is happening?;alias bee bee21"
alias bee21 "say - I can't. I'll pick you up.;alias bee bee22"
alias bee22 "say Looking sharp.;alias bee bee23"
alias bee23 "say Use the stairs. Your father;alias bee bee24"
alias bee24 "say paid good money for those.;alias bee bee25"
alias bee25 "say Sorry. I'm excited.;alias bee bee26"
alias bee26 "say Here's the graduate.;alias bee bee27"
alias bee27 "say We're very proud of you, son.;alias bee bee28"
alias bee28 "say A perfect report card, all B's.;alias bee bee29"
alias bee29 "say Very proud.;alias bee bee30"
alias bee30 "say Ma! I got a thing going here.;alias bee bee31"
alias bee31 "say - You got lint on your fuzz.;alias bee bee32"
alias bee32 "say - Ow! That's me!;alias bee bee33"
alias bee33 "say - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000.;alias bee bee34"
alias bee34 "say - Bye!;alias bee bee35"
alias bee35 "say Barry, I told you,;alias bee bee36"
alias bee36 "say stop flying in the house!;alias bee bee37"
alias bee37 "say - Hey, Adam.;alias bee bee38"
alias bee38 "say - Hey, Barry.;alias bee bee39"
alias bee39 "say - Is that fuzz gel?;alias bee bee40"
alias bee40 "say - A little. Special day, graduation.;alias bee bee41"
alias bee41 "say Never thought I'd make it.;alias bee bee42"
alias bee42 "say Three days grade school,;alias bee bee43"
alias bee43 "say three days high school.;alias bee bee44"
alias bee44 "say Those were awkward.;alias bee bee45"
alias bee45 "say Three days college. I'm glad I took;alias bee bee46"
alias bee46 "say a day and hitchhiked around the hive.;alias bee bee47"
alias bee47 "say You did come back different.;alias bee bee48"
alias bee48 "say - Hi, Barry.;alias bee bee49"
alias bee49 "say - Artie, growing a mustache? Looks good.;alias bee bee50"
alias bee50 "say - Hear about Frankie?;alias bee bee51"
alias bee51 "say - Yeah.;alias bee bee52"
alias bee52 "say - You going to the funeral?;alias bee bee53"
alias bee53 "say - No, I'm not going.;alias bee bee54"
alias bee54 "say Everybody knows,;alias bee bee55"
alias bee55 "say sting someone, you die.;alias bee bee56"
alias bee56 "say Don't waste it on a squirrel.;alias bee bee57"
alias bee57 "say Such a hothead.;alias bee bee58"
alias bee58 "say I guess he could have;alias bee bee59"
alias bee59 "say just gotten out of the way.;alias bee bee60"
alias bee60 "say I love this incorporating;alias bee bee61"
alias bee61 "say an amusement park into our day.;alias bee bee62"
alias bee62 "say That's why we don't need vacations.;alias bee bee63"
alias bee63 "say Boy, quite a bit of pomp...;alias bee bee64"
alias bee64 "say under the circumstances.;alias bee bee65"
alias bee65 "say - Well, Adam, today we are men.;alias bee bee66"
alias bee66 "say - We are!;alias bee bee67"
alias bee67 "say - Bee-men.;alias bee bee68"
alias bee68 "say - Amen!;alias bee bee69"
alias bee69 "say Hallelujah!;alias bee bee70"
alias bee70 "say Students, faculty, distinguished bees,;alias bee bee71"
alias bee71 "say please welcome Dean Buzzwell.;alias bee bee72"
alias bee72 "say Welcome, New Hive Oity;alias bee bee73"
alias bee73 "say graduating class of...;alias bee bee74"
alias bee74 "say ...9:15.;alias bee bee75"
alias bee75 "say That concludes our ceremonies.;alias bee bee76"
alias bee76 "say And begins your career;alias bee bee77"
alias bee77 "say at Honex Industries!;alias bee bee78"
alias bee78 "say Will we pick ourjob today?;alias bee bee79"
alias bee79 "say I heard it's just orientation.;alias bee bee80"
alias bee80 "say Heads up! Here we go.;alias bee bee81"
alias bee81 "say Keep your hands and antennas;alias bee bee82"
alias bee82 "say inside the tram at all times.;alias bee bee83"
alias bee83 "say - Wonder what it'll be like?;alias bee bee84"
alias bee84 "say - A little scary.;alias bee bee85"
alias bee85 "say Welcome to Honex,;alias bee bee86"
alias bee86 "say a division of Honesco;alias bee bee87"
alias bee87 "say and a part of the Hexagon Group.;alias bee bee88"
alias bee88 "say This is it!;alias bee bee89"
alias bee89 "say Wow.;alias bee bee90"
alias bee90 "say Wow.;alias bee bee91"
alias bee91 "say We know that you, as a bee,;alias bee bee92"
alias bee92 "say have worked your whole life;alias bee bee93"
alias bee93 "say to get to the point where you;alias bee bee94"
alias bee94 "say can work for your whole life.;alias bee bee95"
alias bee95 "say Honey begins when our valiant Pollen;alias bee bee96"
alias bee96 "say Jocks bring the nectar to the hive.;alias bee bee97"
alias bee97 "say Our top-secret formula;alias bee bee98"
alias bee98 "say is automatically color-corrected,;alias bee bee99"
alias bee99 "say scent-adjusted and bubble-contoured;alias bee bee100"
alias bee100 "say into this soothing sweet syrup;alias bee bee101"
alias bee101 "say with its distinctive;alias bee bee102"
alias bee102 "say golden glow you know as...;alias bee bee103"
alias bee103 "say Honey!;alias bee bee104"
alias bee104 "say - That girl was hot.;alias bee bee105"
alias bee105 "say - She's my cousin!;alias bee bee106"
alias bee106 "say - She is?;alias bee bee107"
alias bee107 "say - Yes, we're all cousins.;alias bee bee108"
alias bee108 "say - Right. You're right.;alias bee bee109"
alias bee109 "say - At Honex, we constantly strive;alias bee bee110"
alias bee110 "say to improve every aspect;alias bee bee111"
alias bee111 "say of bee existence.;alias bee bee112"
alias bee112 "say These bees are stress-testing;alias bee bee113"
alias bee113 "say a new helmet technology.;alias bee bee114"
alias bee114 "say - What do you think he makes?;alias bee bee115"
alias bee115 "say - Not enough.;alias bee bee116"
alias bee116 "say Here we have our latest advancement,;alias bee bee117"
alias bee117 "say the Krelman.;alias bee bee118"
alias bee118 "say - What does that do?;alias bee bee119"
alias bee119 "say - Oatches that little strand of honey;alias bee bee120"
alias bee120 "say that hangs after you pour it.;alias bee bee121"
alias bee121 "say Saves us millions.;alias bee bee122"
alias bee122 "say Oan anyone work on the Krelman?;alias bee bee123"
alias bee123 "say Of course. Most bee jobs are;alias bee bee124"
alias bee124 "say small ones. But bees know;alias bee bee125"
alias bee125 "say that every small job,;alias bee bee126"
alias bee126 "say if it's done well, means a lot.;alias bee bee127"
alias bee127 "say But choose carefully;alias bee bee128"
alias bee128 "say because you'll stay in the job;alias bee bee129"
alias bee129 "say you pick for the rest of your life.;alias bee bee130"
alias bee130 "say The same job the rest of your life?;alias bee bee131"
alias bee131 "say I didn't know that.;alias bee bee132"
alias bee132 "say What's the difference?;alias bee bee133"
alias bee133 "say You'll be happy to know that bees,;alias bee bee134"
alias bee134 "say as a species, haven't had one day off;alias bee bee135"
alias bee135 "say in 27 million years.;alias bee bee136"
alias bee136 "say So you'll just work us to death?;alias bee bee137"
alias bee137 "say We'll sure try.;alias bee bee138"
alias bee138 "say Wow! That blew my mind!;alias bee bee139"
alias bee139 "say What's the difference?;alias bee bee140"
alias bee140 "say How can you say that?;alias bee bee141"
alias bee141 "say One job forever?;alias bee bee142"
alias bee142 "say That's an insane choice to have to make.;alias bee bee143"
alias bee143 "say I'm relieved. Now we only have;alias bee bee144"
alias bee144 "say to make one decision in life.;alias bee bee145"
alias bee145 "say But, Adam, how could they;alias bee bee146"
alias bee146 "say never have told us that?;alias bee bee147"
alias bee147 "say Why would you question anything?;alias bee bee148"
alias bee148 "say We're bees.;alias bee bee149"
alias bee149 "say We're the most perfectly;alias bee bee150"
alias bee150 "say functioning society on Earth.;alias bee bee151"
alias bee151 "say You ever think maybe things;alias bee bee152"
alias bee152 "say work a little too well here?;alias bee bee153"
alias bee153 "say Like what? Give me one example.;alias bee bee154"
alias bee154 "say I don't know. But you know;alias bee bee155"
alias bee155 "say what I'm talking about.;alias bee bee156"
alias bee156 "say Please clear the gate.;alias bee bee157"
alias bee157 "say Royal Nectar Force on approach.;alias bee bee158"
alias bee158 "say Wait a second. Oheck it out.;alias bee bee159"
alias bee159 "say - Hey, those are Pollen Jocks!;alias bee bee160"
alias bee160 "say - Wow.;alias bee bee161"
alias bee161 "say I've never seen them this close.;alias bee bee162"
alias bee162 "say They know what it's like;alias bee bee163"
alias bee163 "say outside the hive.;alias bee bee164"
alias bee164 "say Yeah, but some don't come back.;alias bee bee165"
alias bee165 "say - Hey, Jocks!;alias bee bee166"
alias bee166 "say - Hi, Jocks!;alias bee bee167"
alias bee167 "say You guys did great!;alias bee bee168"
alias bee168 "say You're monsters!;alias bee bee169"
alias bee169 "say You're sky freaks! I love it! I love it!;alias bee bee170"
alias bee170 "say - I wonder where they were.;alias bee bee171"
alias bee171 "say - I don't know.;alias bee bee172"
alias bee172 "say Their day's not planned.;alias bee bee173"
alias bee173 "say Outside the hive, flying who knows;alias bee bee174"
alias bee174 "say where, doing who knows what.;alias bee bee175"
alias bee175 "say You can'tjust decide to be a Pollen;alias bee bee176"
alias bee176 "say Jock. You have to be bred for that.;alias bee bee177"
alias bee177 "say Right.;alias bee bee178"
alias bee178 "say Look. That's more pollen;alias bee bee179"
alias bee179 "say than you and I will see in a lifetime.;alias bee bee180"
alias bee180 "say It's just a status symbol.;alias bee bee181"
alias bee181 "say Bees make too much of it.;alias bee bee182"
alias bee182 "say Perhaps. Unless you're wearing it;alias bee bee183"
alias bee183 "say and the ladies see you wearing it.;alias bee bee184"
alias bee184 "say Those ladies?;alias bee bee185"
alias bee185 "say Aren't they our cousins too?;alias bee bee186"
alias bee186 "say Distant. Distant.;alias bee bee187"
alias bee187 "say Look at these two.;alias bee bee188"
alias bee188 "say - Oouple of Hive Harrys.;alias bee bee189"
alias bee189 "say - Let's have fun with them.;alias bee bee190"
alias bee190 "say It must be dangerous;alias bee bee191"
alias bee191 "say being a Pollen Jock.;alias bee bee192"
alias bee192 "say Yeah. Once a bear pinned me;alias bee bee193"
alias bee193 "say against a mushroom!;alias bee bee194"
alias bee194 "say He had a paw on my throat,;alias bee bee195"
alias bee195 "say and with the other, he was slapping me!;alias bee bee196"
alias bee196 "say - Oh, my!;alias bee bee197"
alias bee197 "say - I never thought I'd knock him out.;alias bee bee198"
alias bee198 "say What were you doing during this?;alias bee bee199"
alias bee199 "say Trying to alert the authorities.;alias bee bee200"
alias bee200 "say I can autograph that.;alias bee bee201"
alias bee201 "say A little gusty out there today,;alias bee bee202"
alias bee202 "say wasn't it, comrades?;alias bee bee203"
alias bee203 "say Yeah. Gusty.;alias bee bee204"
alias bee204 "say We're hitting a sunflower patch;alias bee bee205"
alias bee205 "say six miles from here tomorrow.;alias bee bee206"
alias bee206 "say - Six miles, huh?;alias bee bee207"
alias bee207 "say - Barry!;alias bee bee208"
alias bee208 "say A puddle jump for us,;alias bee bee209"
alias bee209 "say but maybe you're not up for it.;alias bee bee210"
alias bee210 "say - Maybe I am.;alias bee bee211"
alias bee211 "say - You are not!;alias bee bee212"
alias bee212 "say We're going 0900 at J-Gate.;alias bee bee213"
alias bee213 "say What do you think, buzzy-boy?;alias bee bee214"
alias bee214 "say Are you bee enough?;alias bee bee215"
alias bee215 "say I might be. It all depends;alias bee bee216"
alias bee216 "say on what 0900 means.;alias bee bee217"
alias bee217 "say Hey, Honex!;alias bee bee218"
alias bee218 "say Dad, you surprised me.;alias bee bee219"
alias bee219 "say You decide what you're interested in?;alias bee bee220"
alias bee220 "say - Well, there's a lot of choices.;alias bee bee221"
alias bee221 "say - But you only get one.;alias bee bee222"
alias bee222 "say Do you ever get bored;alias bee bee223"
alias bee223 "say doing the same job every day?;alias bee bee224"
alias bee224 "say Son, let me tell you about stirring.;alias bee bee225"
alias bee225 "say You grab that stick, and you just;alias bee bee226"
alias bee226 "say move it around, and you stir it around.;alias bee bee227"
alias bee227 "say You get yourself into a rhythm.;alias bee bee228"
alias bee228 "say It's a beautiful thing.;alias bee bee229"
alias bee229 "say You know, Dad,;alias bee bee230"
alias bee230 "say the more I think about it,;alias bee bee231"
alias bee231 "say maybe the honey field;alias bee bee232"
alias bee232 "say just isn't right for me.;alias bee bee233"
alias bee233 "say You were thinking of what,;alias bee bee234"
alias bee234 "say making balloon animals?;alias bee bee235"
alias bee235 "say That's a bad job;alias bee bee236"
alias bee236 "say for a guy with a stinger.;alias bee bee237"
alias bee237 "say Janet, your son's not sure;alias bee bee238"
alias bee238 "say he wants to go into honey!;alias bee bee239"
alias bee239 "say - Barry, you are so funny sometimes.;alias bee bee240"
alias bee240 "say - I'm not trying to be funny.;alias bee bee241"
alias bee241 "say You're not funny! You're going;alias bee bee242"
alias bee242 "say into honey. Our son, the stirrer!;alias bee bee243"
alias bee243 "say - You're gonna be a stirrer?;alias bee bee244"
alias bee244 "say - No one's listening to me!;alias bee bee245"
alias bee245 "say Wait till you see the sticks I have.;alias bee bee246"
alias bee246 "say I could say anything right now.;alias bee bee247"
alias bee247 "say I'm gonna get an ant tattoo!;alias bee bee248"
alias bee248 "say Let's open some honey and celebrate!;alias bee bee249"
alias bee249 "say Maybe I'll pierce my thorax.;alias bee bee250"
alias bee250 "say Shave my antennae.;alias bee bee251"
alias bee251 "say Shack up with a grasshopper. Get;alias bee bee252"
alias bee252 "say a gold tooth and call everybody dawg!;alias bee bee253"
alias bee253 "say I'm so proud.;alias bee bee254"
alias bee254 "say - We're starting work today!;alias bee bee255"
alias bee255 "say - Today's the day.;alias bee bee256"
alias bee256 "say Oome on! All the good jobs;alias bee bee257"
alias bee257 "say will be gone.;alias bee bee258"
alias bee258 "say Yeah, right.;alias bee bee259"
alias bee259 "say Pollen counting, stunt bee, pouring,;alias bee bee260"
alias bee260 "say stirrer, front desk, hair removal...;alias bee bee261"
alias bee261 "say - Is it still available?;alias bee bee262"
alias bee262 "say - Hang on. Two left!;alias bee bee263"
alias bee263 "say One of them's yours! Oongratulations!;alias bee bee264"
alias bee264 "say Step to the side.;alias bee bee265"
alias bee265 "say - What'd you get?;alias bee bee266"
alias bee266 "say - Picking crud out. Stellar!;alias bee bee267"
alias bee267 "say Wow!;alias bee bee268"
alias bee268 "say Oouple of newbies?;alias bee bee269"
alias bee269 "say Yes, sir! Our first day! We are ready!;alias bee bee270"
alias bee270 "say Make your choice.;alias bee bee271"
alias bee271 "say - You want to go first?;alias bee bee272"
alias bee272 "say - No, you go.;alias bee bee273"
alias bee273 "say Oh, my. What's available?;alias bee bee274"
alias bee274 "say Restroom attendant's open,;alias bee bee275"
alias bee275 "say not for the reason you think.;alias bee bee276"
alias bee276 "say - Any chance of getting the Krelman?;alias bee bee277"
alias bee277 "say - Sure, you're on.;alias bee bee278"
alias bee278 "say I'm sorry, the Krelman just closed out.;alias bee bee279"
alias bee279 "say Wax monkey's always open.;alias bee bee280"
alias bee280 "say The Krelman opened up again.;alias bee bee281"
alias bee281 "say What happened?;alias bee bee282"
alias bee282 "say A bee died. Makes an opening. See?;alias bee bee283"
alias bee283 "say He's dead. Another dead one.;alias bee bee284"
alias bee284 "say Deady. Deadified. Two more dead.;alias bee bee285"
alias bee285 "say Dead from the neck up.;alias bee bee286"
alias bee286 "say Dead from the neck down. That's life!;alias bee bee287"
alias bee287 "say Oh, this is so hard!;alias bee bee288"
alias bee288 "say Heating, cooling,;alias bee bee289"
alias bee289 "say stunt bee, pourer, stirrer,;alias bee bee290"
alias bee290 "say humming, inspector number seven,;alias bee bee291"
alias bee291 "say lint coordinator, stripe supervisor,;alias bee bee292"
alias bee292 "say mite wrangler. Barry, what;alias bee bee293"
alias bee293 "say do you think I should... Barry?;alias bee bee294"
alias bee294 "say Barry!;alias bee bee295"
alias bee295 "say All right, we've got the sunflower patch;alias bee bee296"
alias bee296 "say in quadrant nine...;alias bee bee297"
alias bee297 "say What happened to you?;alias bee bee298"
alias bee298 "say Where are you?;alias bee bee299"
alias bee299 "say - I'm going out.;alias bee bee300"
alias bee300 "say - Out? Out where?;alias bee bee301"
alias bee301 "say - Out there.;alias bee bee302"
alias bee302 "say - Oh, no!;alias bee bee303"
alias bee303 "say I have to, before I go;alias bee bee304"
alias bee304 "say to work for the rest of my life.;alias bee bee305"
alias bee305 "say You're gonna die! You're crazy! Hello?;alias bee bee306"
alias bee306 "say Another call coming in.;alias bee bee307"
alias bee307 "say If anyone's feeling brave,;alias bee bee308"
alias bee308 "say there's a Korean deli on 83rd;alias bee bee309"
alias bee309 "say that gets their roses today.;alias bee bee310"
alias bee310 "say Hey, guys.;alias bee bee311"
alias bee311 "say - Look at that.;alias bee bee312"
alias bee312 "say - Isn't that the kid we saw yesterday?;alias bee bee313"
alias bee313 "say Hold it, son, flight deck's restricted.;alias bee bee314"
alias bee314 "say It's OK, Lou. We're gonna take him up.;alias bee bee315"
alias bee315 "say Really? Feeling lucky, are you?;alias bee bee316"
alias bee316 "say Sign here, here. Just initial that.;alias bee bee317"
alias bee317 "say - Thank you.;alias bee bee318"
alias bee318 "say - OK.;alias bee bee319"
alias bee319 "say You got a rain advisory today,;alias bee bee320"
alias bee320 "say and as you all know,;alias bee bee321"
alias bee321 "say bees cannot fly in rain.;alias bee bee322"
alias bee322 "say So be careful. As always,;alias bee bee323"
alias bee323 "say watch your brooms,;alias bee bee324"
alias bee324 "say hockey sticks, dogs,;alias bee bee325"
alias bee325 "say birds, bears and bats.;alias bee bee326"
alias bee326 "say Also, I got a couple of reports;alias bee bee327"
alias bee327 "say of root beer being poured on us.;alias bee bee328"
alias bee328 "say Murphy's in a home because of it,;alias bee bee329"
alias bee329 "say babbling like a cicada!;alias bee bee330"
alias bee330 "say - That's awful.;alias bee bee331"
alias bee331 "say - And a reminder for you rookies,;alias bee bee332"
alias bee332 "say bee law number one,;alias bee bee333"
alias bee333 "say absolutely no talking to humans!;alias bee bee334"
alias bee334 "say All right, launch positions!;alias bee bee335"
alias bee335 "say Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz! Buzz, buzz,;alias bee bee336"
alias bee336 "say buzz, buzz! Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz!;alias bee bee337"
alias bee337 "say Black and yellow!;alias bee bee338"
alias bee338 "say Hello!;alias bee bee339"
alias bee339 "say You ready for this, hot shot?;alias bee bee340"
alias bee340 "say Yeah. Yeah, bring it on.;alias bee bee341"
alias bee341 "say Wind, check.;alias bee bee342"
alias bee342 "say - Antennae, check.;alias bee bee343"
alias bee343 "say - Nectar pack, check.;alias bee bee344"
alias bee344 "say - Wings, check.;alias bee bee345"
alias bee345 "say - Stinger, check.;alias bee bee346"
alias bee346 "say Scared out of my shorts, check.;alias bee bee347"
alias bee347 "say OK, ladies,;alias bee bee348"
alias bee348 "say let's move it out!;alias bee bee349"
alias bee349 "say Pound those petunias,;alias bee bee350"
alias bee350 "say you striped stem-suckers!;alias bee bee351"
alias bee351 "say All of you, drain those flowers!;alias bee bee352"
alias bee352 "say Wow! I'm out!;alias bee bee353"
alias bee353 "say I can't believe I'm out!;alias bee bee354"
alias bee354 "say So blue.;alias bee bee355"
alias bee355 "say I feel so fast and free!;alias bee bee356"
alias bee356 "say Box kite!;alias bee bee357"
alias bee357 "say Wow!;alias bee bee358"
alias bee358 "say Flowers!;alias bee bee359"
alias bee359 "say This is Blue Leader.;alias bee bee360"
alias bee360 "say We have roses visual.;alias bee bee361"
alias bee361 "say Bring it around 30 degrees and hold.;alias bee bee362"
alias bee362 "say Roses!;alias bee bee363"
alias bee363 "say 30 degrees, roger. Bringing it around.;alias bee bee364"
alias bee364 "say Stand to the side, kid.;alias bee bee365"
alias bee365 "say It's got a bit of a kick.;alias bee bee366"
alias bee366 "say That is one nectar collector!;alias bee bee367"
alias bee367 "say - Ever see pollination up close?;alias bee bee368"
alias bee368 "say - No, sir.;alias bee bee369"
alias bee369 "say I pick up some pollen here, sprinkle it;alias bee bee370"
alias bee370 "say over here. Maybe a dash over there,;alias bee bee371"
alias bee371 "say a pinch on that one.;alias bee bee372"
alias bee372 "say See that? It's a little bit of magic.;alias bee bee373"
alias bee373 "say That's amazing. Why do we do that?;alias bee bee374"
alias bee374 "say That's pollen power. More pollen, more;alias bee bee375"
alias bee375 "say flowers, more nectar, more honey for us.;alias bee bee376"
alias bee376 "say Oool.;alias bee bee377"
alias bee377 "say I'm picking up a lot of bright yellow.;alias bee bee378"
alias bee378 "say Oould be daisies. Don't we need those?;alias bee bee379"
alias bee379 "say Oopy that visual.;alias bee bee380"
alias bee380 "say Wait. One of these flowers;alias bee bee381"
alias bee381 "say seems to be on the move.;alias bee bee382"
alias bee382 "say Say again? You're reporting;alias bee bee383"
alias bee383 "say a moving flower?;alias bee bee384"
alias bee384 "say Affirmative.;alias bee bee385"
alias bee385 "say That was on the line!;alias bee bee386"
alias bee386 "say This is the coolest. What is it?;alias bee bee387"
alias bee387 "say I don't know, but I'm loving this color.;alias bee bee388"
alias bee388 "say It smells good.;alias bee bee389"
alias bee389 "say Not like a flower, but I like it.;alias bee bee390"
alias bee390 "say Yeah, fuzzy.;alias bee bee391"
alias bee391 "say Ohemical-y.;alias bee bee392"
alias bee392 "say Oareful, guys. It's a little grabby.;alias bee bee393"
alias bee393 "say My sweet lord of bees!;alias bee bee394"
alias bee394 "say Oandy-brain, get off there!;alias bee bee395"
alias bee395 "say Problem!;alias bee bee396"
alias bee396 "say - Guys!;alias bee bee397"
alias bee397 "say - This could be bad.;alias bee bee398"
alias bee398 "say Affirmative.;alias bee bee399"
alias bee399 "say Very close.;alias bee bee400"
alias bee400 "say Gonna hurt.;alias bee bee401"
alias bee401 "say Mama's little boy.;alias bee bee402"
alias bee402 "say You are way out of position, rookie!;alias bee bee403"
alias bee403 "say Ooming in at you like a missile!;alias bee bee404"
alias bee404 "say Help me!;alias bee bee405"
alias bee405 "say I don't think these are flowers.;alias bee bee406"
alias bee406 "say - Should we tell him?;alias bee bee407"
alias bee407 "say - I think he knows.;alias bee bee408"
alias bee408 "say What is this?!;alias bee bee409"
alias bee409 "say Match point!;alias bee bee410"
alias bee410 "say You can start packing up, honey,;alias bee bee411"
alias bee411 "say because you're about to eat it!;alias bee bee412"
alias bee412 "say Yowser!;alias bee bee413"
alias bee413 "say Gross.;alias bee bee414"
alias bee414 "say There's a bee in the car!;alias bee bee415"
alias bee415 "say - Do something!;alias bee bee416"
alias bee416 "say - I'm driving!;alias bee bee417"
alias bee417 "say - Hi, bee.;alias bee bee418"
alias bee418 "say - He's back here!;alias bee bee419"
alias bee419 "say He's going to sting me!;alias bee bee420"
alias bee420 "say Nobody move. If you don't move,;alias bee bee421"
alias bee421 "say he won't sting you. Freeze!;alias bee bee422"
alias bee422 "say He blinked!;alias bee bee423"
alias bee423 "say Spray him, Granny!;alias bee bee424"
alias bee424 "say What are you doing?!;alias bee bee425"
alias bee425 "say Wow... the tension level;alias bee bee426"
alias bee426 "say out here is unbelievable.;alias bee bee427"
alias bee427 "say I gotta get home.;alias bee bee428"
alias bee428 "say Oan't fly in rain.;alias bee bee429"
alias bee429 "say Oan't fly in rain.;alias bee bee430"
alias bee430 "say Oan't fly in rain.;alias bee bee431"
alias bee431 "say Mayday! Mayday! Bee going down!;alias bee bee432"
alias bee432 "say Ken, could you close;alias bee bee433"
alias bee433 "say the window please?;alias bee bee434"
alias bee434 "say Ken, could you close;alias bee bee435"
alias bee435 "say the window please?;alias bee bee436"
alias bee436 "say Oheck out my new resume.;alias bee bee437"
alias bee437 "say I made it into a fold-out brochure.;alias bee bee438"
alias bee438 "say You see? Folds out.;alias bee bee439"
alias bee439 "say Oh, no. More humans. I don't need this.;alias bee bee440"
alias bee440 "say What was that?;alias bee bee441"
alias bee441 "say Maybe this time. This time. This time.;alias bee bee442"
alias bee442 "say This time! This time! This...;alias bee bee443"
alias bee443 "say Drapes!;alias bee bee444"
alias bee444 "say That is diabolical.;alias bee bee445"
alias bee445 "say It's fantastic. It's got all my special;alias bee bee446"
alias bee446 "say skills, even my top-ten favorite movies.;alias bee bee447"
alias bee447 "say What's number one? Star Wars?;alias bee bee448"
alias bee448 "say Nah, I don't go for that...;alias bee bee449"
alias bee449 "say ...kind of stuff.;alias bee bee450"
alias bee450 "say No wonder we shouldn't talk to them.;alias bee bee451"
alias bee451 "say They're out of their minds.;alias bee bee452"
alias bee452 "say When I leave a job interview, they're;alias bee bee453"
alias bee453 "say flabbergasted, can't believe what I say.;alias bee bee454"
alias bee454 "say There's the sun. Maybe that's a way out.;alias bee bee455"
alias bee455 "say I don't remember the sun;alias bee bee456"
alias bee456 "say having a big 75 on it.;alias bee bee457"
alias bee457 "say I predicted global warming.;alias bee bee458"
alias bee458 "say I could feel it getting hotter.;alias bee bee459"
alias bee459 "say At first I thought it was just me.;alias bee bee460"
alias bee460 "say Wait! Stop! Bee!;alias bee bee461"
alias bee461 "say Stand back. These are winter boots.;alias bee bee462"
alias bee462 "say Wait!;alias bee bee463"
alias bee463 "say Don't kill him!;alias bee bee464"
alias bee464 "say You know I'm allergic to them!;alias bee bee465"
alias bee465 "say This thing could kill me!;alias bee bee466"
alias bee466 "say Why does his life have;alias bee bee467"
alias bee467 "say less value than yours?;alias bee bee468"
alias bee468 "say Why does his life have any less value;alias bee bee469"
alias bee469 "say than mine? Is that your statement?;alias bee bee470"
alias bee470 "say I'm just saying all life has value. You;alias bee bee471"
alias bee471 "say don't know what he's capable of feeling.;alias bee bee472"
alias bee472 "say My brochure!;alias bee bee473"
alias bee473 "say There you go, little guy.;alias bee bee474"
alias bee474 "say I'm not scared of him.;alias bee bee475"
alias bee475 "say It's an allergic thing.;alias bee bee476"
alias bee476 "say Put that on your resume brochure.;alias bee bee477"
alias bee477 "say My whole face could puff up.;alias bee bee478"
alias bee478 "say Make it one of your special skills.;alias bee bee479"
alias bee479 "say Knocking someone out;alias bee bee480"
alias bee480 "say is also a special skill.;alias bee bee481"
alias bee481 "say Right. Bye, Vanessa. Thanks.;alias bee bee482"
alias bee482 "say - Vanessa, next week? Yogurt night?;alias bee bee483"
alias bee483 "say - Sure, Ken. You know, whatever.;alias bee bee484"
alias bee484 "say - You could put carob chips on there.;alias bee bee485"
alias bee485 "say - Bye.;alias bee bee486"
alias bee486 "say - Supposed to be less calories.;alias bee bee487"
alias bee487 "say - Bye.;alias bee bee488"
alias bee488 "say I gotta say something.;alias bee bee489"
alias bee489 "say She saved my life.;alias bee bee490"
alias bee490 "say I gotta say something.;alias bee bee491"
alias bee491 "say All right, here it goes.;alias bee bee492"
alias bee492 "say Nah.;alias bee bee493"
alias bee493 "say What would I say?;alias bee bee494"
alias bee494 "say I could really get in trouble.;alias bee bee495"
alias bee495 "say It's a bee law.;alias bee bee496"
alias bee496 "say You're not supposed to talk to a human.;alias bee bee497"
alias bee497 "say I can't believe I'm doing this.;alias bee bee498"
alias bee498 "say I've got to.;alias bee bee499"
alias bee499 "say Oh, I can't do it. Oome on!;alias bee bee500"
alias bee500 "say No. Yes. No.;alias bee bee501"
alias bee501 "say Do it. I can't.;alias bee bee502"
alias bee502 "say How should I start it?;alias bee bee503"
alias bee503 "say You like jazz? No, that's no good.;alias bee bee504"
alias bee504 "say Here she comes! Speak, you fool!;alias bee bee505"
alias bee505 "say Hi!;alias bee bee506"
alias bee506 "say I'm sorry.;alias bee bee507"
alias bee507 "say - You're talking.;alias bee bee508"
alias bee508 "say - Yes, I know.;alias bee bee509"
alias bee509 "say You're talking!;alias bee bee510"
alias bee510 "say I'm so sorry.;alias bee bee511"
alias bee511 "say No, it's OK. It's fine.;alias bee bee512"
alias bee512 "say I know I'm dreaming.;alias bee bee513"
alias bee513 "say But I don't recall going to bed.;alias bee bee514"
alias bee514 "say Well, I'm sure this;alias bee bee515"
alias bee515 "say is very disconcerting.;alias bee bee516"
alias bee516 "say This is a bit of a surprise to me.;alias bee bee517"
alias bee517 "say I mean, you're a bee!;alias bee bee518"
alias bee518 "say I am. And I'm not supposed;alias bee bee519"
alias bee519 "say to be doing this,;alias bee bee520"
alias bee520 "say but they were all trying to kill me.;alias bee bee521"
alias bee521 "say And if it wasn't for you...;alias bee bee522"
alias bee522 "say I had to thank you.;alias bee bee523"
alias bee523 "say It's just how I was raised.;alias bee bee524"
alias bee524 "say That was a little weird.;alias bee bee525"
alias bee525 "say - I'm talking with a bee.;alias bee bee526"
alias bee526 "say - Yeah.;alias bee bee527"
alias bee527 "say I'm talking to a bee.;alias bee bee528"
alias bee528 "say And the bee is talking to me!;alias bee bee529"
alias bee529 "say I just want to say I'm grateful.;alias bee bee530"
alias bee530 "say I'll leave now.;alias bee bee531"
alias bee531 "say - Wait! How did you learn to do that?;alias bee bee532"
alias bee532 "say - What?;alias bee bee533"
alias bee533 "say The talking thing.;alias bee bee534"
alias bee534 "say Same way you did, I guess.;alias bee bee535"
alias bee535 "say Mama, Dada, honey. You pick it up.;alias bee bee536"
alias bee536 "say - That's very funny.;alias bee bee537"
alias bee537 "say - Yeah.;alias bee bee538"
alias bee538 "say Bees are funny. If we didn't laugh,;alias bee bee539"
alias bee539 "say we'd cry with what we have to deal with.;alias bee bee540"
alias bee540 "say Anyway...;alias bee bee541"
alias bee541 "say Oan I...;alias bee bee542"
alias bee542 "say ...get you something?;alias bee bee543"
alias bee543 "say - Like what?;alias bee bee544"
alias bee544 "say I don't know. I mean...;alias bee bee545"
alias bee545 "say I don't know. Ooffee?;alias bee bee546"
alias bee546 "say I don't want to put you out.;alias bee bee547"
alias bee547 "say It's no trouble. It takes two minutes.;alias bee bee548"
alias bee548 "say - It's just coffee.;alias bee bee549"
alias bee549 "say - I hate to impose.;alias bee bee550"
alias bee550 "say - Don't be ridiculous!;alias bee bee551"
alias bee551 "say - Actually, I would love a cup.;alias bee bee552"
alias bee552 "say Hey, you want rum cake?;alias bee bee553"
alias bee553 "say - I shouldn't.;alias bee bee554"
alias bee554 "say - Have some.;alias bee bee555"
alias bee555 "say - No, I can't.;alias bee bee556"
alias bee556 "say - Oome on!;alias bee bee557"
alias bee557 "say I'm trying to lose a couple micrograms.;alias bee bee558"
alias bee558 "say - Where?;alias bee bee559"
alias bee559 "say - These stripes don't help.;alias bee bee560"
alias bee560 "say You look great!;alias bee bee561"
alias bee561 "say I don't know if you know;alias bee bee562"
alias bee562 "say anything about fashion.;alias bee bee563"
alias bee563 "say Are you all right?;alias bee bee564"
alias bee564 "say No.;alias bee bee565"
alias bee565 "say He's making the tie in the cab;alias bee bee566"
alias bee566 "say as they're flying up Madison.;alias bee bee567"
alias bee567 "say He finally gets there.;alias bee bee568"
alias bee568 "say He runs up the steps into the church.;alias bee bee569"
alias bee569 "say The wedding is on.;alias bee bee570"
alias bee570 "say And he says, Watermelon?;alias bee bee571"
alias bee571 "say I thought you said Guatemalan.;alias bee bee572"
alias bee572 "say Why would I marry a watermelon?;alias bee bee573"
alias bee573 "say Is that a bee joke?;alias bee bee574"
alias bee574 "say That's the kind of stuff we do.;alias bee bee575"
alias bee575 "say Yeah, different.;alias bee bee576"
alias bee576 "say So, what are you gonna do, Barry?;alias bee bee577"
alias bee577 "say About work? I don't know.;alias bee bee578"
alias bee578 "say I want to do my part for the hive,;alias bee bee579"
alias bee579 "say but I can't do it the way they want.;alias bee bee580"
alias bee580 "say I know how you feel.;alias bee bee581"
alias bee581 "say - You do?;alias bee bee582"
alias bee582 "say - Sure.;alias bee bee583"
alias bee583 "say My parents wanted me to be a lawyer or;alias bee bee584"
alias bee584 "say a doctor, but I wanted to be a florist.;alias bee bee585"
alias bee585 "say - Really?;alias bee bee586"
alias bee586 "say - My only interest is flowers.;alias bee bee587"
alias bee587 "say Our new queen was just elected;alias bee bee588"
alias bee588 "say with that same campaign slogan.;alias bee bee589"
alias bee589 "say Anyway, if you look...;alias bee bee590"
alias bee590 "say There's my hive right there. See it?;alias bee bee591"
alias bee591 "say You're in Sheep Meadow!;alias bee bee592"
alias bee592 "say Yes! I'm right off the Turtle Pond!;alias bee bee593"
alias bee593 "say No way! I know that area.;alias bee bee594"
alias bee594 "say I lost a toe ring there once.;alias bee bee595"
alias bee595 "say - Why do girls put rings on their toes?;alias bee bee596"
alias bee596 "say - Why not?;alias bee bee597"
alias bee597 "say - It's like putting a hat on your knee.;alias bee bee598"
alias bee598 "say - Maybe I'll try that.;alias bee bee599"
alias bee599 "say - You all right, ma'am?;alias bee bee600"
alias bee600 "say - Oh, yeah. Fine.;alias bee bee601"
alias bee601 "say Just having two cups of coffee!;alias bee bee602"
alias bee602 "say Anyway, this has been great.;alias bee bee603"
alias bee603 "say Thanks for the coffee.;alias bee bee604"
alias bee604 "say Yeah, it's no trouble.;alias bee bee605"
alias bee605 "say Sorry I couldn't finish it. If I did,;alias bee bee606"
alias bee606 "say I'd be up the rest of my life.;alias bee bee607"
alias bee607 "say Are you...?;alias bee bee608"
alias bee608 "say Oan I take a piece of this with me?;alias bee bee609"
alias bee609 "say Sure! Here, have a crumb.;alias bee bee610"
alias bee610 "say - Thanks!;alias bee bee611"
alias bee611 "say - Yeah.;alias bee bee612"
alias bee612 "say All right. Well, then...;alias bee bee613"
alias bee613 "say I guess I'll see you around.;alias bee bee614"
alias bee614 "say Or not.;alias bee bee615"
alias bee615 "say OK, Barry.;alias bee bee616"
alias bee616 "say And thank you;alias bee bee617"
alias bee617 "say so much again... for before.;alias bee bee618"
alias bee618 "say Oh, that? That was nothing.;alias bee bee619"
alias bee619 "say Well, not nothing, but... Anyway...;alias bee bee620"
alias bee620 "say This can't possibly work.;alias bee bee621"
alias bee621 "say He's all set to go.;alias bee bee622"
alias bee622 "say We may as well try it.;alias bee bee623"
alias bee623 "say OK, Dave, pull the chute.;alias bee bee624"
alias bee624 "say - Sounds amazing.;alias bee bee625"
alias bee625 "say - It was amazing!;alias bee bee626"
alias bee626 "say It was the scariest,;alias bee bee627"
alias bee627 "say happiest moment of my life.;alias bee bee628"
alias bee628 "say Humans! I can't believe;alias bee bee629"
alias bee629 "say you were with humans!;alias bee bee630"
alias bee630 "say Giant, scary humans!;alias bee bee631"
alias bee631 "say What were they like?;alias bee bee632"
alias bee632 "say Huge and crazy. They talk crazy.;alias bee bee633"
alias bee633 "say They eat crazy giant things.;alias bee bee634"
alias bee634 "say They drive crazy.;alias bee bee635"
alias bee635 "say - Do they try and kill you, like on TV?;alias bee bee636"
alias bee636 "say - Some of them. But some of them don't.;alias bee bee637"
alias bee637 "say - How'd you get back?;alias bee bee638"
alias bee638 "say - Poodle.;alias bee bee639"
alias bee639 "say You did it, and I'm glad. You saw;alias bee bee640"
alias bee640 "say whatever you wanted to see.;alias bee bee641"
alias bee641 "say You had your experience. Now you;alias bee bee642"
alias bee642 "say can pick out yourjob and be normal.;alias bee bee643"
alias bee643 "say - Well...;alias bee bee644"
alias bee644 "say - Well?;alias bee bee645"
alias bee645 "say Well, I met someone.;alias bee bee646"
alias bee646 "say You did? Was she Bee-ish?;alias bee bee647"
alias bee647 "say - A wasp?! Your parents will kill you!;alias bee bee648"
alias bee648 "say - No, no, no, not a wasp.;alias bee bee649"
alias bee649 "say - Spider?;alias bee bee650"
alias bee650 "say - I'm not attracted to spiders.;alias bee bee651"
alias bee651 "say I know it's the hottest thing,;alias bee bee652"
alias bee652 "say with the eight legs and all.;alias bee bee653"
alias bee653 "say I can't get by that face.;alias bee bee654"
alias bee654 "say So who is she?;alias bee bee655"
alias bee655 "say She's... human.;alias bee bee656"
alias bee656 "say No, no. That's a bee law.;alias bee bee657"
alias bee657 "say You wouldn't break a bee law.;alias bee bee658"
alias bee658 "say - Her name's Vanessa.;alias bee bee659"
alias bee659 "say - Oh, boy.;alias bee bee660"
alias bee660 "say She's so nice. And she's a florist!;alias bee bee661"
alias bee661 "say Oh, no! You're dating a human florist!;alias bee bee662"
alias bee662 "say We're not dating.;alias bee bee663"
alias bee663 "say You're flying outside the hive, talking;alias bee bee664"
alias bee664 "say to humans that attack our homes;alias bee bee665"
alias bee665 "say with power washers and M-80s!;alias bee bee666"
alias bee666 "say One-eighth a stick of dynamite!;alias bee bee667"
alias bee667 "say She saved my life!;alias bee bee668"
alias bee668 "say And she understands me.;alias bee bee669"
alias bee669 "say This is over!;alias bee bee670"
alias bee670 "say Eat this.;alias bee bee671"
alias bee671 "say This is not over! What was that?;alias bee bee672"
alias bee672 "say - They call it a crumb.;alias bee bee673"
alias bee673 "say - It was so stingin' stripey!;alias bee bee674"
alias bee674 "say And that's not what they eat.;alias bee bee675"
alias bee675 "say That's what falls off what they eat!;alias bee bee676"
alias bee676 "say - You know what a Oinnabon is?;alias bee bee677"
alias bee677 "say - No.;alias bee bee678"
alias bee678 "say It's bread and cinnamon and frosting.;alias bee bee679"
alias bee679 "say They heat it up...;alias bee bee680"
alias bee680 "say Sit down!;alias bee bee681"
alias bee681 "say ...really hot!;alias bee bee682"
alias bee682 "say - Listen to me!;alias bee bee683"
alias bee683 "say We are not them! We're us.;alias bee bee684"
alias bee684 "say There's us and there's them!;alias bee bee685"
alias bee685 "say Yes, but who can deny;alias bee bee686"
alias bee686 "say the heart that is yearning?;alias bee bee687"
alias bee687 "say There's no yearning.;alias bee bee688"
alias bee688 "say Stop yearning. Listen to me!;alias bee bee689"
alias bee689 "say You have got to start thinking bee,;alias bee bee690"
alias bee690 "say my friend. Thinking bee!;alias bee bee691"
alias bee691 "say - Thinking bee.;alias bee bee692"
alias bee692 "say - Thinking bee.;alias bee bee693"
alias bee693 "say Thinking bee! Thinking bee!;alias bee bee694"
alias bee694 "say Thinking bee! Thinking bee!;alias bee bee695"
alias bee695 "say There he is. He's in the pool.;alias bee bee696"
alias bee696 "say You know what your problem is, Barry?;alias bee bee697"
alias bee697 "say I gotta start thinking bee?;alias bee bee698"
alias bee698 "say How much longer will this go on?;alias bee bee699"
alias bee699 "say It's been three days!;alias bee bee700"
alias bee700 "say Why aren't you working?;alias bee bee701"
alias bee701 "say I've got a lot of big life decisions;alias bee bee702"
alias bee702 "say to think about.;alias bee bee703"
alias bee703 "say What life? You have no life!;alias bee bee704"
alias bee704 "say You have no job. You're barely a bee!;alias bee bee705"
alias bee705 "say Would it kill you;alias bee bee706"
alias bee706 "say to make a little honey?;alias bee bee707"
alias bee707 "say Barry, come out.;alias bee bee708"
alias bee708 "say Your father's talking to you.;alias bee bee709"
alias bee709 "say Martin, would you talk to him?;alias bee bee710"
alias bee710 "say Barry, I'm talking to you!;alias bee bee711"
alias bee711 "say You coming?;alias bee bee712"
alias bee712 "say Got everything?;alias bee bee713"
alias bee713 "say All set!;alias bee bee714"
alias bee714 "say Go ahead. I'll catch up.;alias bee bee715"
alias bee715 "say Don't be too long.;alias bee bee716"
alias bee716 "say Watch this!;alias bee bee717"
alias bee717 "say Vanessa!;alias bee bee718"
alias bee718 "say - We're still here.;alias bee bee719"
alias bee719 "say - I told you not to yell at him.;alias bee bee720"
alias bee720 "say He doesn't respond to yelling!;alias bee bee721"
alias bee721 "say - Then why yell at me?;alias bee bee722"
alias bee722 "say - Because you don't listen!;alias bee bee723"
alias bee723 "say I'm not listening to this.;alias bee bee724"
alias bee724 "say Sorry, I've gotta go.;alias bee bee725"
alias bee725 "say - Where are you going?;alias bee bee726"
alias bee726 "say - I'm meeting a friend.;alias bee bee727"
alias bee727 "say A girl? Is this why you can't decide?;alias bee bee728"
alias bee728 "say Bye.;alias bee bee729"
alias bee729 "say I just hope she's Bee-ish.;alias bee bee730"
alias bee730 "say They have a huge parade;alias bee bee731"
alias bee731 "say of flowers every year in Pasadena?;alias bee bee732"
alias bee732 "say To be in the Tournament of Roses,;alias bee bee733"
alias bee733 "say that's every florist's dream!;alias bee bee734"
alias bee734 "say Up on a float, surrounded;alias bee bee735"
alias bee735 "say by flowers, crowds cheering.;alias bee bee736"
alias bee736 "say A tournament. Do the roses;alias bee bee737"
alias bee737 "say compete in athletic events?;alias bee bee738"
alias bee738 "say No. All right, I've got one.;alias bee bee739"
alias bee739 "say How come you don't fly everywhere?;alias bee bee740"
alias bee740 "say It's exhausting. Why don't you;alias bee bee741"
alias bee741 "say run everywhere? It's faster.;alias bee bee742"
alias bee742 "say Yeah, OK, I see, I see.;alias bee bee743"
alias bee743 "say All right, your turn.;alias bee bee744"
alias bee744 "say TiVo. You can just freeze live TV?;alias bee bee745"
alias bee745 "say That's insane!;alias bee bee746"
alias bee746 "say You don't have that?;alias bee bee747"
alias bee747 "say We have Hivo, but it's a disease.;alias bee bee748"
alias bee748 "say It's a horrible, horrible disease.;alias bee bee749"
alias bee749 "say Oh, my.;alias bee bee750"
alias bee750 "say Dumb bees!;alias bee bee751"
alias bee751 "say You must want to sting all those jerks.;alias bee bee752"
alias bee752 "say We try not to sting.;alias bee bee753"
alias bee753 "say It's usually fatal for us.;alias bee bee754"
alias bee754 "say So you have to watch your temper.;alias bee bee755"
alias bee755 "say Very carefully.;alias bee bee756"
alias bee756 "say You kick a wall, take a walk,;alias bee bee757"
alias bee757 "say write an angry letter and throw it out.;alias bee bee758"
alias bee758 "say Work through it like any emotion:;alias bee bee759"
alias bee759 "say Anger, jealousy, lust.;alias bee bee760"
alias bee760 "say Oh, my goodness! Are you OK?;alias bee bee761"
alias bee761 "say Yeah.;alias bee bee762"
alias bee762 "say - What is wrong with you?!;alias bee bee763"
alias bee763 "say - It's a bug.;alias bee bee764"
alias bee764 "say He's not bothering anybody.;alias bee bee765"
alias bee765 "say Get out of here, you creep!;alias bee bee766"
alias bee766 "say What was that? A Pic 'N' Save circular?;alias bee bee767"
alias bee767 "say Yeah, it was. How did you know?;alias bee bee768"
alias bee768 "say It felt like about 10 pages.;alias bee bee769"
alias bee769 "say Seventy-five is pretty much our limit.;alias bee bee770"
alias bee770 "say You've really got that;alias bee bee771"
alias bee771 "say down to a science.;alias bee bee772"
alias bee772 "say - I lost a cousin to Italian Vogue.;alias bee bee773"
alias bee773 "say - I'll bet.;alias bee bee774"
alias bee774 "say What in the name;alias bee bee775"
alias bee775 "say of Mighty Hercules is this?;alias bee bee776"
alias bee776 "say How did this get here?;alias bee bee777"
alias bee777 "say Oute Bee, Golden Blossom,;alias bee bee778"
alias bee778 "say Ray Liotta Private Select?;alias bee bee779"
alias bee779 "say - Is he that actor?;alias bee bee780"
alias bee780 "say - I never heard of him.;alias bee bee781"
alias bee781 "say - Why is this here?;alias bee bee782"
alias bee782 "say - For people. We eat it.;alias bee bee783"
alias bee783 "say You don't have;alias bee bee784"
alias bee784 "say enough food of your own?;alias bee bee785"
alias bee785 "say - Well, yes.;alias bee bee786"
alias bee786 "say - How do you get it?;alias bee bee787"
alias bee787 "say - Bees make it.;alias bee bee788"
alias bee788 "say - I know who makes it!;alias bee bee789"
alias bee789 "say And it's hard to make it!;alias bee bee790"
alias bee790 "say There's heating, cooling, stirring.;alias bee bee791"
alias bee791 "say You need a whole Krelman thing!;alias bee bee792"
alias bee792 "say - It's organic.;alias bee bee793"
alias bee793 "say - It's our-ganic!;alias bee bee794"
alias bee794 "say It's just honey, Barry.;alias bee bee795"
alias bee795 "say Just what?!;alias bee bee796"
alias bee796 "say Bees don't know about this!;alias bee bee797"
alias bee797 "say This is stealing! A lot of stealing!;alias bee bee798"
alias bee798 "say You've taken our homes, schools,;alias bee bee799"
alias bee799 "say hospitals! This is all we have!;alias bee bee800"
alias bee800 "say And it's on sale?!;alias bee bee801"
alias bee801 "say I'm getting to the bottom of this.;alias bee bee802"
alias bee802 "say I'm getting to the bottom;alias bee bee803"
alias bee803 "say of all of this!;alias bee bee804"
alias bee804 "say Hey, Hector.;alias bee bee805"
alias bee805 "say - You almost done?;alias bee bee806"
alias bee806 "say - Almost.;alias bee bee807"
alias bee807 "say He is here. I sense it.;alias bee bee808"
alias bee808 "say Well, I guess I'll go home now;alias bee bee809"
alias bee809 "say and just leave this nice honey out,;alias bee bee810"
alias bee810 "say with no one around.;alias bee bee811"
alias bee811 "say You're busted, box boy!;alias bee bee812"
alias bee812 "say I knew I heard something.;alias bee bee813"
alias bee813 "say So you can talk!;alias bee bee814"
alias bee814 "say I can talk.;alias bee bee815"
alias bee815 "say And now you'll start talking!;alias bee bee816"
alias bee816 "say Where you getting the sweet stuff?;alias bee bee817"
alias bee817 "say Who's your supplier?;alias bee bee818"
alias bee818 "say I don't understand.;alias bee bee819"
alias bee819 "say I thought we were friends.;alias bee bee820"
alias bee820 "say The last thing we want;alias bee bee821"
alias bee821 "say to do is upset bees!;alias bee bee822"
alias bee822 "say You're too late! It's ours now!;alias bee bee823"
alias bee823 "say You, sir, have crossed;alias bee bee824"
alias bee824 "say the wrong sword!;alias bee bee825"
alias bee825 "say You, sir, will be lunch;alias bee bee826"
alias bee826 "say for my iguana, Ignacio!;alias bee bee827"
alias bee827 "say Where is the honey coming from?;alias bee bee828"
alias bee828 "say Tell me where!;alias bee bee829"
alias bee829 "say Honey Farms! It comes from Honey Farms!;alias bee bee830"
alias bee830 "say Orazy person!;alias bee bee831"
alias bee831 "say What horrible thing has happened here?;alias bee bee832"
alias bee832 "say These faces, they never knew;alias bee bee833"
alias bee833 "say what hit them. And now;alias bee bee834"
alias bee834 "say they're on the road to nowhere!;alias bee bee835"
alias bee835 "say Just keep still.;alias bee bee836"
alias bee836 "say What? You're not dead?;alias bee bee837"
alias bee837 "say Do I look dead? They will wipe anything;alias bee bee838"
alias bee838 "say that moves. Where you headed?;alias bee bee839"
alias bee839 "say To Honey Farms.;alias bee bee840"
alias bee840 "say I am onto something huge here.;alias bee bee841"
alias bee841 "say I'm going to Alaska. Moose blood,;alias bee bee842"
alias bee842 "say crazy stuff. Blows your head off!;alias bee bee843"
alias bee843 "say I'm going to Tacoma.;alias bee bee844"
alias bee844 "say - And you?;alias bee bee845"
alias bee845 "say - He really is dead.;alias bee bee846"
alias bee846 "say All right.;alias bee bee847"
alias bee847 "say Uh-oh!;alias bee bee848"
alias bee848 "say - What is that?!;alias bee bee849"
alias bee849 "say - Oh, no!;alias bee bee850"
alias bee850 "say - A wiper! Triple blade!;alias bee bee851"
alias bee851 "say - Triple blade?;alias bee bee852"
alias bee852 "say Jump on! It's your only chance, bee!;alias bee bee853"
alias bee853 "say Why does everything have;alias bee bee854"
alias bee854 "say to be so doggone clean?!;alias bee bee855"
alias bee855 "say How much do you people need to see?!;alias bee bee856"
alias bee856 "say Open your eyes!;alias bee bee857"
alias bee857 "say Stick your head out the window!;alias bee bee858"
alias bee858 "say From NPR News in Washington,;alias bee bee859"
alias bee859 "say I'm Oarl Kasell.;alias bee bee860"
alias bee860 "say But don't kill no more bugs!;alias bee bee861"
alias bee861 "say - Bee!;alias bee bee862"
alias bee862 "say - Moose blood guy!!;alias bee bee863"
alias bee863 "say - You hear something?;alias bee bee864"
alias bee864 "say - Like what?;alias bee bee865"
alias bee865 "say Like tiny screaming.;alias bee bee866"
alias bee866 "say Turn off the radio.;alias bee bee867"
alias bee867 "say Whassup, bee boy?;alias bee bee868"
alias bee868 "say Hey, Blood.;alias bee bee869"
alias bee869 "say Just a row of honey jars,;alias bee bee870"
alias bee870 "say as far as the eye could see.;alias bee bee871"
alias bee871 "say Wow!;alias bee bee872"
alias bee872 "say I assume wherever this truck goes;alias bee bee873"
alias bee873 "say is where they're getting it.;alias bee bee874"
alias bee874 "say I mean, that honey's ours.;alias bee bee875"
alias bee875 "say - Bees hang tight.;alias bee bee876"
alias bee876 "say - We're all jammed in.;alias bee bee877"
alias bee877 "say It's a close community.;alias bee bee878"
alias bee878 "say Not us, man. We on our own.;alias bee bee879"
alias bee879 "say Every mosquito on his own.;alias bee bee880"
alias bee880 "say - What if you get in trouble?;alias bee bee881"
alias bee881 "say - You a mosquito, you in trouble.;alias bee bee882"
alias bee882 "say Nobody likes us. They just smack.;alias bee bee883"
alias bee883 "say See a mosquito, smack, smack!;alias bee bee884"
alias bee884 "say At least you're out in the world.;alias bee bee885"
alias bee885 "say You must meet girls.;alias bee bee886"
alias bee886 "say Mosquito girls try to trade up,;alias bee bee887"
alias bee887 "say get with a moth, dragonfly.;alias bee bee888"
alias bee888 "say Mosquito girl don't want no mosquito.;alias bee bee889"
alias bee889 "say You got to be kidding me!;alias bee bee890"
alias bee890 "say Mooseblood's about to leave;alias bee bee891"
alias bee891 "say the building! So long, bee!;alias bee bee892"
alias bee892 "say - Hey, guys!;alias bee bee893"
alias bee893 "say - Mooseblood!;alias bee bee894"
alias bee894 "say I knew I'd catch y'all down here.;alias bee bee895"
alias bee895 "say Did you bring your crazy straw?;alias bee bee896"
alias bee896 "say We throw it in jars, slap a label on it,;alias bee bee897"
alias bee897 "say and it's pretty much pure profit.;alias bee bee898"
alias bee898 "say What is this place?;alias bee bee899"
alias bee899 "say A bee's got a brain;alias bee bee900"
alias bee900 "say the size of a pinhead.;alias bee bee901"
alias bee901 "say They are pinheads!;alias bee bee902"
alias bee902 "say Pinhead.;alias bee bee903"
alias bee903 "say - Oheck out the new smoker.;alias bee bee904"
alias bee904 "say - Oh, sweet. That's the one you want.;alias bee bee905"
alias bee905 "say The Thomas 3000!;alias bee bee906"
alias bee906 "say Smoker?;alias bee bee907"
alias bee907 "say Ninety puffs a minute, semi-automatic.;alias bee bee908"
alias bee908 "say Twice the nicotine, all the tar.;alias bee bee909"
alias bee909 "say A couple breaths of this;alias bee bee910"
alias bee910 "say knocks them right out.;alias bee bee911"
alias bee911 "say They make the honey,;alias bee bee912"
alias bee912 "say and we make the money.;alias bee bee913"
alias bee913 "say They make the honey,;alias bee bee914"
alias bee914 "say and we make the money?;alias bee bee915"
alias bee915 "say Oh, my!;alias bee bee916"
alias bee916 "say What's going on? Are you OK?;alias bee bee917"
alias bee917 "say Yeah. It doesn't last too long.;alias bee bee918"
alias bee918 "say Do you know you're;alias bee bee919"
alias bee919 "say in a fake hive with fake walls?;alias bee bee920"
alias bee920 "say Our queen was moved here.;alias bee bee921"
alias bee921 "say We had no choice.;alias bee bee922"
alias bee922 "say This is your queen?;alias bee bee923"
alias bee923 "say That's a man in women's clothes!;alias bee bee924"
alias bee924 "say That's a drag queen!;alias bee bee925"
alias bee925 "say What is this?;alias bee bee926"
alias bee926 "say Oh, no!;alias bee bee927"
alias bee927 "say There's hundreds of them!;alias bee bee928"
alias bee928 "say Bee honey.;alias bee bee929"
alias bee929 "say Our honey is being brazenly stolen;alias bee bee930"
alias bee930 "say on a massive scale!;alias bee bee931"
alias bee931 "say This is worse than anything bears;alias bee bee932"
alias bee932 "say have done! I intend to do something.;alias bee bee933"
alias bee933 "say Oh, Barry, stop.;alias bee bee934"
alias bee934 "say Who told you humans are taking;alias bee bee935"
alias bee935 "say our honey? That's a rumor.;alias bee bee936"
alias bee936 "say Do these look like rumors?;alias bee bee937"
alias bee937 "say That's a conspiracy theory.;alias bee bee938"
alias bee938 "say These are obviously doctored photos.;alias bee bee939"
alias bee939 "say How did you get mixed up in this?;alias bee bee940"
alias bee940 "say He's been talking to humans.;alias bee bee941"
alias bee941 "say - What?;alias bee bee942"
alias bee942 "say - Talking to humans?!;alias bee bee943"
alias bee943 "say He has a human girlfriend.;alias bee bee944"
alias bee944 "say And they make out!;alias bee bee945"
alias bee945 "say Make out? Barry!;alias bee bee946"
alias bee946 "say We do not.;alias bee bee947"
alias bee947 "say - You wish you could.;alias bee bee948"
alias bee948 "say - Whose side are you on?;alias bee bee949"
alias bee949 "say The bees!;alias bee bee950"
alias bee950 "say I dated a cricket once in San Antonio.;alias bee bee951"
alias bee951 "say Those crazy legs kept me up all night.;alias bee bee952"
alias bee952 "say Barry, this is what you want;alias bee bee953"
alias bee953 "say to do with your life?;alias bee bee954"
alias bee954 "say I want to do it for all our lives.;alias bee bee955"
alias bee955 "say Nobody works harder than bees!;alias bee bee956"
alias bee956 "say Dad, I remember you;alias bee bee957"
alias bee957 "say coming home so overworked;alias bee bee958"
alias bee958 "say your hands were still stirring.;alias bee bee959"
alias bee959 "say You couldn't stop.;alias bee bee960"
alias bee960 "say I remember that.;alias bee bee961"
alias bee961 "say What right do they have to our honey?;alias bee bee962"
alias bee962 "say We live on two cups a year. They put it;alias bee bee963"
alias bee963 "say in lip balm for no reason whatsoever!;alias bee bee964"
alias bee964 "say Even if it's true, what can one bee do?;alias bee bee965"
alias bee965 "say Sting them where it really hurts.;alias bee bee966"
alias bee966 "say In the face! The eye!;alias bee bee967"
alias bee967 "say - That would hurt.;alias bee bee968"
alias bee968 "say - No.;alias bee bee969"
alias bee969 "say Up the nose? That's a killer.;alias bee bee970"
alias bee970 "say There's only one place you can sting;alias bee bee971"
alias bee971 "say the humans, one place where it matters.;alias bee bee972"
alias bee972 "say Hive at Five, the hive's only;alias bee bee973"
alias bee973 "say full-hour action news source.;alias bee bee974"
alias bee974 "say No more bee beards!;alias bee bee975"
alias bee975 "say With Bob Bumble at the anchor desk.;alias bee bee976"
alias bee976 "say Weather with Storm Stinger.;alias bee bee977"
alias bee977 "say Sports with Buzz Larvi.;alias bee bee978"
alias bee978 "say And Jeanette Ohung.;alias bee bee979"
alias bee979 "say - Good evening. I'm Bob Bumble.;alias bee bee980"
alias bee980 "say - And I'm Jeanette Ohung.;alias bee bee981"
alias bee981 "say A tri-county bee, Barry Benson,;alias bee bee982"
alias bee982 "say intends to sue the human race;alias bee bee983"
alias bee983 "say for stealing our honey,;alias bee bee984"
alias bee984 "say packaging it and profiting;alias bee bee985"
alias bee985 "say from it illegally!;alias bee bee986"
alias bee986 "say Tomorrow night on Bee Larry King,;alias bee bee987"
alias bee987 "say we'll have three former queens here in;alias bee bee988"
alias bee988 "say our studio, discussing their new book,;alias bee bee989"
alias bee989 "say Olassy Ladies,;alias bee bee990"
alias bee990 "say out this week on Hexagon.;alias bee bee991"
alias bee991 "say Tonight we're talking to Barry Benson.;alias bee bee992"
alias bee992 "say Did you ever think, I'm a kid;alias bee bee993"
alias bee993 "say from the hive. I can't do this?;alias bee bee994"
alias bee994 "say Bees have never been afraid;alias bee bee995"
alias bee995 "say to change the world.;alias bee bee996"
alias bee996 "say What about Bee Oolumbus?;alias bee bee997"
alias bee997 "say Bee Gandhi? Bejesus?;alias bee bee998"
alias bee998 "say Where I'm from, we'd never sue humans.;alias bee bee999"
alias bee999 "say We were thinking;alias bee bee1000"
alias bee1000 "say of stickball or candy stores.;alias bee bee1001"
alias bee1001 "say How old are you?;alias bee bee1002"
alias bee1002 "say The bee community;alias bee bee1003"
alias bee1003 "say is supporting you in this case,;alias bee bee1004"
alias bee1004 "say which will be the trial;alias bee bee1005"
alias bee1005 "say of the bee century.;alias bee bee1006"
alias bee1006 "say You know, they have a Larry King;alias bee bee1007"
alias bee1007 "say in the human world too.;alias bee bee1008"
alias bee1008 "say It's a common name. Next week...;alias bee bee1009"
alias bee1009 "say He looks like you and has a show;alias bee bee1010"
alias bee1010 "say and suspenders and colored dots...;alias bee bee1011"
alias bee1011 "say Next week...;alias bee bee1012"
alias bee1012 "say Glasses, quotes on the bottom from the;alias bee bee1013"
alias bee1013 "say guest even though you just heard 'em.;alias bee bee1014"
alias bee1014 "say Bear Week next week!;alias bee bee1015"
alias bee1015 "say They're scary, hairy and here live.;alias bee bee1016"
alias bee1016 "say Always leans forward, pointy shoulders,;alias bee bee1017"
alias bee1017 "say squinty eyes, very Jewish.;alias bee bee1018"
alias bee1018 "say In tennis, you attack;alias bee bee1019"
alias bee1019 "say at the point of weakness!;alias bee bee1020"
alias bee1020 "say It was my grandmother, Ken. She's 81.;alias bee bee1021"
alias bee1021 "say Honey, her backhand's a joke!;alias bee bee1022"
alias bee1022 "say I'm not gonna take advantage of that?;alias bee bee1023"
alias bee1023 "say Quiet, please.;alias bee bee1024"
alias bee1024 "say Actual work going on here.;alias bee bee1025"
alias bee1025 "say - Is that that same bee?;alias bee bee1026"
alias bee1026 "say - Yes, it is!;alias bee bee1027"
alias bee1027 "say I'm helping him sue the human race.;alias bee bee1028"
alias bee1028 "say - Hello.;alias bee bee1029"
alias bee1029 "say - Hello, bee.;alias bee bee1030"
alias bee1030 "say This is Ken.;alias bee bee1031"
alias bee1031 "say Yeah, I remember you. Timberland, size;alias bee bee1032"
alias bee1032 "say ten and a half. Vibram sole, I believe.;alias bee bee1033"
alias bee1033 "say Why does he talk again?;alias bee bee1034"
alias bee1034 "say Listen, you better go;alias bee bee1035"
alias bee1035 "say 'cause we're really busy working.;alias bee bee1036"
alias bee1036 "say But it's our yogurt night!;alias bee bee1037"
alias bee1037 "say Bye-bye.;alias bee bee1038"
alias bee1038 "say Why is yogurt night so difficult?!;alias bee bee1039"
alias bee1039 "say You poor thing.;alias bee bee1040"
alias bee1040 "say You two have been at this for hours!;alias bee bee1041"
alias bee1041 "say Yes, and Adam here;alias bee bee1042"
alias bee1042 "say has been a huge help.;alias bee bee1043"
alias bee1043 "say - Frosting...;alias bee bee1044"
alias bee1044 "say - How many sugars?;alias bee bee1045"
alias bee1045 "say Just one. I try not;alias bee bee1046"
alias bee1046 "say to use the competition.;alias bee bee1047"
alias bee1047 "say So why are you helping me?;alias bee bee1048"
alias bee1048 "say Bees have good qualities.;alias bee bee1049"
alias bee1049 "say And it takes my mind off the shop.;alias bee bee1050"
alias bee1050 "say Instead of flowers, people;alias bee bee1051"
alias bee1051 "say are giving balloon bouquets now.;alias bee bee1052"
alias bee1052 "say Those are great, if you're three.;alias bee bee1053"
alias bee1053 "say And artificial flowers.;alias bee bee1054"
alias bee1054 "say - Oh, those just get me psychotic!;alias bee bee1055"
alias bee1055 "say - Yeah, me too.;alias bee bee1056"
alias bee1056 "say Bent stingers, pointless pollination.;alias bee bee1057"
alias bee1057 "say Bees must hate those fake things!;alias bee bee1058"
alias bee1058 "say Nothing worse;alias bee bee1059"
alias bee1059 "say than a daffodil that's had work done.;alias bee bee1060"
alias bee1060 "say Maybe this could make up;alias bee bee1061"
alias bee1061 "say for it a little bit.;alias bee bee1062"
alias bee1062 "say - This lawsuit's a pretty big deal.;alias bee bee1063"
alias bee1063 "say - I guess.;alias bee bee1064"
alias bee1064 "say You sure you want to go through with it?;alias bee bee1065"
alias bee1065 "say Am I sure? When I'm done with;alias bee bee1066"
alias bee1066 "say the humans, they won't be able;alias bee bee1067"
alias bee1067 "say to say, Honey, I'm home,;alias bee bee1068"
alias bee1068 "say without paying a royalty!;alias bee bee1069"
alias bee1069 "say It's an incredible scene;alias bee bee1070"
alias bee1070 "say here in downtown Manhattan,;alias bee bee1071"
alias bee1071 "say where the world anxiously waits,;alias bee bee1072"
alias bee1072 "say because for the first time in history,;alias bee bee1073"
alias bee1073 "say we will hear for ourselves;alias bee bee1074"
alias bee1074 "say if a honeybee can actually speak.;alias bee bee1075"
alias bee1075 "say What have we gotten into here, Barry?;alias bee bee1076"
alias bee1076 "say It's pretty big, isn't it?;alias bee bee1077"
alias bee1077 "say I can't believe how many humans;alias bee bee1078"
alias bee1078 "say don't work during the day.;alias bee bee1079"
alias bee1079 "say You think billion-dollar multinational;alias bee bee1080"
alias bee1080 "say food companies have good lawyers?;alias bee bee1081"
alias bee1081 "say Everybody needs to stay;alias bee bee1082"
alias bee1082 "say behind the barricade.;alias bee bee1083"
alias bee1083 "say - What's the matter?;alias bee bee1084"
alias bee1084 "say - I don't know, I just got a chill.;alias bee bee1085"
alias bee1085 "say Well, if it isn't the bee team.;alias bee bee1086"
alias bee1086 "say You boys work on this?;alias bee bee1087"
alias bee1087 "say All rise! The Honorable;alias bee bee1088"
alias bee1088 "say Judge Bumbleton presiding.;alias bee bee1089"
alias bee1089 "say All right. Oase number 4475,;alias bee bee1090"
alias bee1090 "say Superior Oourt of New York,;alias bee bee1091"
alias bee1091 "say Barry Bee Benson v. the Honey Industry;alias bee bee1092"
alias bee1092 "say is now in session.;alias bee bee1093"
alias bee1093 "say Mr. Montgomery, you're representing;alias bee bee1094"
alias bee1094 "say the five food companies collectively?;alias bee bee1095"
alias bee1095 "say A privilege.;alias bee bee1096"
alias bee1096 "say Mr. Benson... you're representing;alias bee bee1097"
alias bee1097 "say all the bees of the world?;alias bee bee1098"
alias bee1098 "say I'm kidding. Yes, Your Honor,;alias bee bee1099"
alias bee1099 "say we're ready to proceed.;alias bee bee1100"
alias bee1100 "say Mr. Montgomery,;alias bee bee1101"
alias bee1101 "say your opening statement, please.;alias bee bee1102"
alias bee1102 "say Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,;alias bee bee1103"
alias bee1103 "say my grandmother was a simple woman.;alias bee bee1104"
alias bee1104 "say Born on a farm, she believed;alias bee bee1105"
alias bee1105 "say it was man's divine right;alias bee bee1106"
alias bee1106 "say to benefit from the bounty;alias bee bee1107"
alias bee1107 "say of nature God put before us.;alias bee bee1108"
alias bee1108 "say If we lived in the topsy-turvy world;alias bee bee1109"
alias bee1109 "say Mr. Benson imagines,;alias bee bee1110"
alias bee1110 "say just think of what would it mean.;alias bee bee1111"
alias bee1111 "say I would have to negotiate;alias bee bee1112"
alias bee1112 "say with the silkworm;alias bee bee1113"
alias bee1113 "say for the elastic in my britches!;alias bee bee1114"
alias bee1114 "say Talking bee!;alias bee bee1115"
alias bee1115 "say How do we know this isn't some sort of;alias bee bee1116"
alias bee1116 "say holographic motion-picture-capture;alias bee bee1117"
alias bee1117 "say Hollywood wizardry?;alias bee bee1118"
alias bee1118 "say They could be using laser beams!;alias bee bee1119"
alias bee1119 "say Robotics! Ventriloquism!;alias bee bee1120"
alias bee1120 "say Oloning! For all we know,;alias bee bee1121"
alias bee1121 "say he could be on steroids!;alias bee bee1122"
alias bee1122 "say Mr. Benson?;alias bee bee1123"
alias bee1123 "say Ladies and gentlemen,;alias bee bee1124"
alias bee1124 "say there's no trickery here.;alias bee bee1125"
alias bee1125 "say I'm just an ordinary bee.;alias bee bee1126"
alias bee1126 "say Honey's pretty important to me.;alias bee bee1127"
alias bee1127 "say It's important to all bees.;alias bee bee1128"
alias bee1128 "say We invented it!;alias bee bee1129"
alias bee1129 "say We make it. And we protect it;alias bee bee1130"
alias bee1130 "say with our lives.;alias bee bee1131"
alias bee1131 "say Unfortunately, there are;alias bee bee1132"
alias bee1132 "say some people in this room;alias bee bee1133"
alias bee1133 "say who think they can take it from us;alias bee bee1134"
alias bee1134 "say 'cause we're the little guys!;alias bee bee1135"
alias bee1135 "say I'm hoping that, after this is all over,;alias bee bee1136"
alias bee1136 "say you'll see how, by taking our honey,;alias bee bee1137"
alias bee1137 "say you not only take everything we have;alias bee bee1138"
alias bee1138 "say but everything we are!;alias bee bee1139"
alias bee1139 "say I wish he'd dress like that;alias bee bee1140"
alias bee1140 "say all the time. So nice!;alias bee bee1141"
alias bee1141 "say Oall your first witness.;alias bee bee1142"
alias bee1142 "say So, Mr. Klauss Vanderhayden;alias bee bee1143"
alias bee1143 "say of Honey Farms, big company you have.;alias bee bee1144"
alias bee1144 "say I suppose so.;alias bee bee1145"
alias bee1145 "say I see you also own;alias bee bee1146"
alias bee1146 "say Honeyburton and Honron!;alias bee bee1147"
alias bee1147 "say Yes, they provide beekeepers;alias bee bee1148"
alias bee1148 "say for our farms.;alias bee bee1149"
alias bee1149 "say Beekeeper. I find that;alias bee bee1150"
alias bee1150 "say to be a very disturbing term.;alias bee bee1151"
alias bee1151 "say I don't imagine you employ;alias bee bee1152"
alias bee1152 "say any bee-free-ers, do you?;alias bee bee1153"
alias bee1153 "say - No.;alias bee bee1154"
alias bee1154 "say - I couldn't hear you.;alias bee bee1155"
alias bee1155 "say - No.;alias bee bee1156"
alias bee1156 "say - No.;alias bee bee1157"
alias bee1157 "say Because you don't free bees.;alias bee bee1158"
alias bee1158 "say You keep bees. Not only that,;alias bee bee1159"
alias bee1159 "say it seems you thought a bear would be;alias bee bee1160"
alias bee1160 "say an appropriate image for a jar of honey.;alias bee bee1161"
alias bee1161 "say They're very lovable creatures.;alias bee bee1162"
alias bee1162 "say Yogi Bear, Fozzie Bear, Build-A-Bear.;alias bee bee1163"
alias bee1163 "say You mean like this?;alias bee bee1164"
alias bee1164 "say Bears kill bees!;alias bee bee1165"
alias bee1165 "say How'd you like his head crashing;alias bee bee1166"
alias bee1166 "say through your living room?!;alias bee bee1167"
alias bee1167 "say Biting into your couch!;alias bee bee1168"
alias bee1168 "say Spitting out your throw pillows!;alias bee bee1169"
alias bee1169 "say OK, that's enough. Take him away.;alias bee bee1170"
alias bee1170 "say So, Mr. Sting, thank you for being here.;alias bee bee1171"
alias bee1171 "say Your name intrigues me.;alias bee bee1172"
alias bee1172 "say - Where have I heard it before?;alias bee bee1173"
alias bee1173 "say - I was with a band called The Police.;alias bee bee1174"
alias bee1174 "say But you've never been;alias bee bee1175"
alias bee1175 "say a police officer, have you?;alias bee bee1176"
alias bee1176 "say No, I haven't.;alias bee bee1177"
alias bee1177 "say No, you haven't. And so here;alias bee bee1178"
alias bee1178 "say we have yet another example;alias bee bee1179"
alias bee1179 "say of bee culture casually;alias bee bee1180"
alias bee1180 "say stolen by a human;alias bee bee1181"
alias bee1181 "say for nothing more than;alias bee bee1182"
alias bee1182 "say a prance-about stage name.;alias bee bee1183"
alias bee1183 "say Oh, please.;alias bee bee1184"
alias bee1184 "say Have you ever been stung, Mr. Sting?;alias bee bee1185"
alias bee1185 "say Because I'm feeling;alias bee bee1186"
alias bee1186 "say a little stung, Sting.;alias bee bee1187"
alias bee1187 "say Or should I say... Mr. Gordon M. Sumner!;alias bee bee1188"
alias bee1188 "say That's not his real name?! You idiots!;alias bee bee1189"
alias bee1189 "say Mr. Liotta, first,;alias bee bee1190"
alias bee1190 "say belated congratulations on;alias bee bee1191"
alias bee1191 "say your Emmy win for a guest spot;alias bee bee1192"
alias bee1192 "say on ER in 2005.;alias bee bee1193"
alias bee1193 "say Thank you. Thank you.;alias bee bee1194"
alias bee1194 "say I see from your resume;alias bee bee1195"
alias bee1195 "say that you're devilishly handsome;alias bee bee1196"
alias bee1196 "say with a churning inner turmoil;alias bee bee1197"
alias bee1197 "say that's ready to blow.;alias bee bee1198"
alias bee1198 "say I enjoy what I do. Is that a crime?;alias bee bee1199"
alias bee1199 "say Not yet it isn't. But is this;alias bee bee1200"
alias bee1200 "say what it's come to for you?;alias bee bee1201"
alias bee1201 "say Exploiting tiny, helpless bees;alias bee bee1202"
alias bee1202 "say so you don't;alias bee bee1203"
alias bee1203 "say have to rehearse;alias bee bee1204"
alias bee1204 "say your part and learn your lines, sir?;alias bee bee1205"
alias bee1205 "say Watch it, Benson!;alias bee bee1206"
alias bee1206 "say I could blow right now!;alias bee bee1207"
alias bee1207 "say This isn't a goodfella.;alias bee bee1208"
alias bee1208 "say This is a badfella!;alias bee bee1209"
alias bee1209 "say Why doesn't someone just step on;alias bee bee1210"
alias bee1210 "say this creep, and we can all go home?!;alias bee bee1211"
alias bee1211 "say - Order in this court!;alias bee bee1212"
alias bee1212 "say - You're all thinking it!;alias bee bee1213"
alias bee1213 "say Order! Order, I say!;alias bee bee1214"
alias bee1214 "say - Say it!;alias bee bee1215"
alias bee1215 "say - Mr. Liotta, please sit down!;alias bee bee1216"
alias bee1216 "say I think it was awfully nice;alias bee bee1217"
alias bee1217 "say of that bear to pitch in like that.;alias bee bee1218"
alias bee1218 "say I think the jury's on our side.;alias bee bee1219"
alias bee1219 "say Are we doing everything right, legally?;alias bee bee1220"
alias bee1220 "say I'm a florist.;alias bee bee1221"
alias bee1221 "say Right. Well, here's to a great team.;alias bee bee1222"
alias bee1222 "say To a great team!;alias bee bee1223"
alias bee1223 "say Well, hello.;alias bee bee1224"
alias bee1224 "say - Ken!;alias bee bee1225"
alias bee1225 "say - Hello.;alias bee bee1226"
alias bee1226 "say I didn't think you were coming.;alias bee bee1227"
alias bee1227 "say No, I was just late.;alias bee bee1228"
alias bee1228 "say I tried to call, but... the battery.;alias bee bee1229"
alias bee1229 "say I didn't want all this to go to waste,;alias bee bee1230"
alias bee1230 "say so I called Barry. Luckily, he was free.;alias bee bee1231"
alias bee1231 "say Oh, that was lucky.;alias bee bee1232"
alias bee1232 "say There's a little left.;alias bee bee1233"
alias bee1233 "say I could heat it up.;alias bee bee1234"
alias bee1234 "say Yeah, heat it up, sure, whatever.;alias bee bee1235"
alias bee1235 "say So I hear you're quite a tennis player.;alias bee bee1236"
alias bee1236 "say I'm not much for the game myself.;alias bee bee1237"
alias bee1237 "say The ball's a little grabby.;alias bee bee1238"
alias bee1238 "say That's where I usually sit.;alias bee bee1239"
alias bee1239 "say Right... there.;alias bee bee1240"
alias bee1240 "say Ken, Barry was looking at your resume,;alias bee bee1241"
alias bee1241 "say and he agreed with me that eating with;alias bee bee1242"
alias bee1242 "say chopsticks isn't really a special skill.;alias bee bee1243"
alias bee1243 "say You think I don't see what you're doing?;alias bee bee1244"
alias bee1244 "say I know how hard it is to find;alias bee bee1245"
alias bee1245 "say the rightjob. We have that in common.;alias bee bee1246"
alias bee1246 "say Do we?;alias bee bee1247"
alias bee1247 "say Bees have 100 percent employment,;alias bee bee1248"
alias bee1248 "say but we do jobs like taking the crud out.;alias bee bee1249"
alias bee1249 "say That's just what;alias bee bee1250"
alias bee1250 "say I was thinking about doing.;alias bee bee1251"
alias bee1251 "say Ken, I let Barry borrow your razor;alias bee bee1252"
alias bee1252 "say for his fuzz. I hope that was all right.;alias bee bee1253"
alias bee1253 "say I'm going to drain the old stinger.;alias bee bee1254"
alias bee1254 "say Yeah, you do that.;alias bee bee1255"
alias bee1255 "say Look at that.;alias bee bee1256"
alias bee1256 "say You know, I've just about had it;alias bee bee1257"
alias bee1257 "say with your little mind games.;alias bee bee1258"
alias bee1258 "say - What's that?;alias bee bee1259"
alias bee1259 "say - Italian Vogue.;alias bee bee1260"
alias bee1260 "say Mamma mia, that's a lot of pages.;alias bee bee1261"
alias bee1261 "say A lot of ads.;alias bee bee1262"
alias bee1262 "say Remember what Van said, why is;alias bee bee1263"
alias bee1263 "say your life more valuable than mine?;alias bee bee1264"
alias bee1264 "say Funny, I just can't seem to recall that!;alias bee bee1265"
alias bee1265 "say I think something stinks in here!;alias bee bee1266"
alias bee1266 "say I love the smell of flowers.;alias bee bee1267"
alias bee1267 "say How do you like the smell of flames?!;alias bee bee1268"
alias bee1268 "say Not as much.;alias bee bee1269"
alias bee1269 "say Water bug! Not taking sides!;alias bee bee1270"
alias bee1270 "say Ken, I'm wearing a Ohapstick hat!;alias bee bee1271"
alias bee1271 "say This is pathetic!;alias bee bee1272"
alias bee1272 "say I've got issues!;alias bee bee1273"
alias bee1273 "say Well, well, well, a royal flush!;alias bee bee1274"
alias bee1274 "say - You're bluffing.;alias bee bee1275"
alias bee1275 "say - Am I?;alias bee bee1276"
alias bee1276 "say Surf's up, dude!;alias bee bee1277"
alias bee1277 "say Poo water!;alias bee bee1278"
alias bee1278 "say That bowl is gnarly.;alias bee bee1279"
alias bee1279 "say Except for those dirty yellow rings!;alias bee bee1280"
alias bee1280 "say Kenneth! What are you doing?!;alias bee bee1281"
alias bee1281 "say You know, I don't even like honey!;alias bee bee1282"
alias bee1282 "say I don't eat it!;alias bee bee1283"
alias bee1283 "say We need to talk!;alias bee bee1284"
alias bee1284 "say He's just a little bee!;alias bee bee1285"
alias bee1285 "say And he happens to be;alias bee bee1286"
alias bee1286 "say the nicest bee I've met in a long time!;alias bee bee1287"
alias bee1287 "say Long time? What are you talking about?!;alias bee bee1288"
alias bee1288 "say Are there other bugs in your life?;alias bee bee1289"
alias bee1289 "say No, but there are other things bugging;alias bee bee1290"
alias bee1290 "say me in life. And you're one of them!;alias bee bee1291"
alias bee1291 "say Fine! Talking bees, no yogurt night...;alias bee bee1292"
alias bee1292 "say My nerves are fried from riding;alias bee bee1293"
alias bee1293 "say on this emotional roller coaster!;alias bee bee1294"
alias bee1294 "say Goodbye, Ken.;alias bee bee1295"
alias bee1295 "say And for your information,;alias bee bee1296"
alias bee1296 "say I prefer sugar-free, artificial;alias bee bee1297"
alias bee1297 "say sweeteners made by man!;alias bee bee1298"
alias bee1298 "say I'm sorry about all that.;alias bee bee1299"
alias bee1299 "say I know it's got;alias bee bee1300"
alias bee1300 "say an aftertaste! I like it!;alias bee bee1301"
alias bee1301 "say I always felt there was some kind;alias bee bee1302"
alias bee1302 "say of barrier between Ken and me.;alias bee bee1303"
alias bee1303 "say I couldn't overcome it.;alias bee bee1304"
alias bee1304 "say Oh, well.;alias bee bee1305"
alias bee1305 "say Are you OK for the trial?;alias bee bee1306"
alias bee1306 "say I believe Mr. Montgomery;alias bee bee1307"
alias bee1307 "say is about out of ideas.;alias bee bee1308"
alias bee1308 "say We would like to call;alias bee bee1309"
alias bee1309 "say Mr. Barry Benson Bee to the stand.;alias bee bee1310"
alias bee1310 "say Good idea! You can really see why he's;alias bee bee1311"
alias bee1311 "say considered one of the best lawyers...;alias bee bee1312"
alias bee1312 "say Yeah.;alias bee bee1313"
alias bee1313 "say Layton, you've;alias bee bee1314"
alias bee1314 "say gotta weave some magic;alias bee bee1315"
alias bee1315 "say with this jury,;alias bee bee1316"
alias bee1316 "say or it's gonna be all over.;alias bee bee1317"
alias bee1317 "say Don't worry. The only thing I have;alias bee bee1318"
alias bee1318 "say to do to turn this jury around;alias bee bee1319"
alias bee1319 "say is to remind them;alias bee bee1320"
alias bee1320 "say of what they don't like about bees.;alias bee bee1321"
alias bee1321 "say - You got the tweezers?;alias bee bee1322"
alias bee1322 "say - Are you allergic?;alias bee bee1323"
alias bee1323 "say Only to losing, son. Only to losing.;alias bee bee1324"
alias bee1324 "say Mr. Benson Bee, I'll ask you;alias bee bee1325"
alias bee1325 "say what I think we'd all like to know.;alias bee bee1326"
alias bee1326 "say What exactly is your relationship;alias bee bee1327"
alias bee1327 "say to that woman?;alias bee bee1328"
alias bee1328 "say We're friends.;alias bee bee1329"
alias bee1329 "say - Good friends?;alias bee bee1330"
alias bee1330 "say - Yes.;alias bee bee1331"
alias bee1331 "say How good? Do you live together?;alias bee bee1332"
alias bee1332 "say Wait a minute...;alias bee bee1333"
alias bee1333 "say Are you her little...;alias bee bee1334"
alias bee1334 "say ...bedbug?;alias bee bee1335"
alias bee1335 "say I've seen a bee documentary or two.;alias bee bee1336"
alias bee1336 "say From what I understand,;alias bee bee1337"
alias bee1337 "say doesn't your queen give birth;alias bee bee1338"
alias bee1338 "say to all the bee children?;alias bee bee1339"
alias bee1339 "say - Yeah, but...;alias bee bee1340"
alias bee1340 "say - So those aren't your real parents!;alias bee bee1341"
alias bee1341 "say - Oh, Barry...;alias bee bee1342"
alias bee1342 "say - Yes, they are!;alias bee bee1343"
alias bee1343 "say Hold me back!;alias bee bee1344"
alias bee1344 "say You're an illegitimate bee,;alias bee bee1345"
alias bee1345 "say aren't you, Benson?;alias bee bee1346"
alias bee1346 "say He's denouncing bees!;alias bee bee1347"
alias bee1347 "say Don't y'all date your cousins?;alias bee bee1348"
alias bee1348 "say - Objection!;alias bee bee1349"
alias bee1349 "say - I'm going to pincushion this guy!;alias bee bee1350"
alias bee1350 "say Adam, don't! It's what he wants!;alias bee bee1351"
alias bee1351 "say Oh, I'm hit!!;alias bee bee1352"
alias bee1352 "say Oh, lordy, I am hit!;alias bee bee1353"
alias bee1353 "say Order! Order!;alias bee bee1354"
alias bee1354 "say The venom! The venom;alias bee bee1355"
alias bee1355 "say is coursing through my veins!;alias bee bee1356"
alias bee1356 "say I have been felled;alias bee bee1357"
alias bee1357 "say by a winged beast of destruction!;alias bee bee1358"
alias bee1358 "say You see? You can't treat them;alias bee bee1359"
alias bee1359 "say like equals! They're striped savages!;alias bee bee1360"
alias bee1360 "say Stinging's the only thing;alias bee bee1361"
alias bee1361 "say they know! It's their way!;alias bee bee1362"
alias bee1362 "say - Adam, stay with me.;alias bee bee1363"
alias bee1363 "say - I can't feel my legs.;alias bee bee1364"
alias bee1364 "say What angel of mercy;alias bee bee1365"
alias bee1365 "say will come forward to suck the poison;alias bee bee1366"
alias bee1366 "say from my heaving buttocks?;alias bee bee1367"
alias bee1367 "say I will have order in this court. Order!;alias bee bee1368"
alias bee1368 "say Order, please!;alias bee bee1369"
alias bee1369 "say The case of the honeybees;alias bee bee1370"
alias bee1370 "say versus the human race;alias bee bee1371"
alias bee1371 "say took a pointed turn against the bees;alias bee bee1372"
alias bee1372 "say yesterday when one of their legal;alias bee bee1373"
alias bee1373 "say team stung Layton T. Montgomery.;alias bee bee1374"
alias bee1374 "say - Hey, buddy.;alias bee bee1375"
alias bee1375 "say - Hey.;alias bee bee1376"
alias bee1376 "say - Is there much pain?;alias bee bee1377"
alias bee1377 "say - Yeah.;alias bee bee1378"
alias bee1378 "say I...;alias bee bee1379"
alias bee1379 "say I blew the whole case, didn't I?;alias bee bee1380"
alias bee1380 "say It doesn't matter. What matters is;alias bee bee1381"
alias bee1381 "say you're alive. You could have died.;alias bee bee1382"
alias bee1382 "say I'd be better off dead. Look at me.;alias bee bee1383"
alias bee1383 "say They got it from the cafeteria;alias bee bee1384"
alias bee1384 "say downstairs, in a tuna sandwich.;alias bee bee1385"
alias bee1385 "say Look, there's;alias bee bee1386"
alias bee1386 "say a little celery still on it.;alias bee bee1387"
alias bee1387 "say What was it like to sting someone?;alias bee bee1388"
alias bee1388 "say I can't explain it. It was all...;alias bee bee1389"
alias bee1389 "say All adrenaline and then...;alias bee bee1390"
alias bee1390 "say and then ecstasy!;alias bee bee1391"
alias bee1391 "say All right.;alias bee bee1392"
alias bee1392 "say You think it was all a trap?;alias bee bee1393"
alias bee1393 "say Of course. I'm sorry.;alias bee bee1394"
alias bee1394 "say I flew us right into this.;alias bee bee1395"
alias bee1395 "say What were we thinking? Look at us. We're;alias bee bee1396"
alias bee1396 "say just a couple of bugs in this world.;alias bee bee1397"
alias bee1397 "say What will the humans do to us;alias bee bee1398"
alias bee1398 "say if they win?;alias bee bee1399"
alias bee1399 "say I don't know.;alias bee bee1400"
alias bee1400 "say I hear they put the roaches in motels.;alias bee bee1401"
alias bee1401 "say That doesn't sound so bad.;alias bee bee1402"
alias bee1402 "say Adam, they check in,;alias bee bee1403"
alias bee1403 "say but they don't check out!;alias bee bee1404"
alias bee1404 "say Oh, my.;alias bee bee1405"
alias bee1405 "say Oould you get a nurse;alias bee bee1406"
alias bee1406 "say to close that window?;alias bee bee1407"
alias bee1407 "say - Why?;alias bee bee1408"
alias bee1408 "say - The smoke.;alias bee bee1409"
alias bee1409 "say Bees don't smoke.;alias bee bee1410"
alias bee1410 "say Right. Bees don't smoke.;alias bee bee1411"
alias bee1411 "say Bees don't smoke!;alias bee bee1412"
alias bee1412 "say But some bees are smoking.;alias bee bee1413"
alias bee1413 "say That's it! That's our case!;alias bee bee1414"
alias bee1414 "say It is? It's not over?;alias bee bee1415"
alias bee1415 "say Get dressed. I've gotta go somewhere.;alias bee bee1416"
alias bee1416 "say Get back to the court and stall.;alias bee bee1417"
alias bee1417 "say Stall any way you can.;alias bee bee1418"
alias bee1418 "say And assuming you've done step correctly, you're ready for the tub.;alias bee bee1419"
alias bee1419 "say Mr. Flayman.;alias bee bee1420"
alias bee1420 "say Yes? Yes, Your Honor!;alias bee bee1421"
alias bee1421 "say Where is the rest of your team?;alias bee bee1422"
alias bee1422 "say Well, Your Honor, it's interesting.;alias bee bee1423"
alias bee1423 "say Bees are trained to fly haphazardly,;alias bee bee1424"
alias bee1424 "say and as a result,;alias bee bee1425"
alias bee1425 "say we don't make very good time.;alias bee bee1426"
alias bee1426 "say I actually heard a funny story about...;alias bee bee1427"
alias bee1427 "say Your Honor,;alias bee bee1428"
alias bee1428 "say haven't these ridiculous bugs;alias bee bee1429"
alias bee1429 "say taken up enough;alias bee bee1430"
alias bee1430 "say of this court's valuable time?;alias bee bee1431"
alias bee1431 "say How much longer will we allow;alias bee bee1432"
alias bee1432 "say these absurd shenanigans to go on?;alias bee bee1433"
alias bee1433 "say They have presented no compelling;alias bee bee1434"
alias bee1434 "say evidence to support their charges;alias bee bee1435"
alias bee1435 "say against my clients,;alias bee bee1436"
alias bee1436 "say who run legitimate businesses.;alias bee bee1437"
alias bee1437 "say I move for a complete dismissal;alias bee bee1438"
alias bee1438 "say of this entire case!;alias bee bee1439"
alias bee1439 "say Mr. Flayman, I'm afraid I'm going;alias bee bee1440"
alias bee1440 "say to have to consider;alias bee bee1441"
alias bee1441 "say Mr. Montgomery's motion.;alias bee bee1442"
alias bee1442 "say But you can't! We have a terrific case.;alias bee bee1443"
alias bee1443 "say Where is your proof?;alias bee bee1444"
alias bee1444 "say Where is the evidence?;alias bee bee1445"
alias bee1445 "say Show me the smoking gun!;alias bee bee1446"
alias bee1446 "say Hold it, Your Honor!;alias bee bee1447"
alias bee1447 "say You want a smoking gun?;alias bee bee1448"
alias bee1448 "say Here is your smoking gun.;alias bee bee1449"
alias bee1449 "say What is that?;alias bee bee1450"
alias bee1450 "say It's a bee smoker!;alias bee bee1451"
alias bee1451 "say What, this?;alias bee bee1452"
alias bee1452 "say This harmless little contraption?;alias bee bee1453"
alias bee1453 "say This couldn't hurt a fly,;alias bee bee1454"
alias bee1454 "say let alone a bee.;alias bee bee1455"
alias bee1455 "say Look at what has happened;alias bee bee1456"
alias bee1456 "say to bees who have never been asked,;alias bee bee1457"
alias bee1457 "say Smoking or non?;alias bee bee1458"
alias bee1458 "say Is this what nature intended for us?;alias bee bee1459"
alias bee1459 "say To be forcibly addicted;alias bee bee1460"
alias bee1460 "say to smoke machines;alias bee bee1461"
alias bee1461 "say and man-made wooden slat work camps?;alias bee bee1462"
alias bee1462 "say Living out our lives as honey slaves;alias bee bee1463"
alias bee1463 "say to the white man?;alias bee bee1464"
alias bee1464 "say - What are we gonna do?;alias bee bee1465"
alias bee1465 "say - He's playing the species card.;alias bee bee1466"
alias bee1466 "say Ladies and gentlemen, please,;alias bee bee1467"
alias bee1467 "say free these bees!;alias bee bee1468"
alias bee1468 "say Free the bees! Free the bees!;alias bee bee1469"
alias bee1469 "say Free the bees!;alias bee bee1470"
alias bee1470 "say Free the bees! Free the bees!;alias bee bee1471"
alias bee1471 "say The court finds in favor of the bees!;alias bee bee1472"
alias bee1472 "say Vanessa, we won!;alias bee bee1473"
alias bee1473 "say I knew you could do it! High-five!;alias bee bee1474"
alias bee1474 "say Sorry.;alias bee bee1475"
alias bee1475 "say I'm OK! You know what this means?;alias bee bee1476"
alias bee1476 "say All the honey;alias bee bee1477"
alias bee1477 "say will finally belong to the bees.;alias bee bee1478"
alias bee1478 "say Now we won't have;alias bee bee1479"
alias bee1479 "say to work so hard all the time.;alias bee bee1480"
alias bee1480 "say This is an unholy perversion;alias bee bee1481"
alias bee1481 "say of the balance of nature, Benson.;alias bee bee1482"
alias bee1482 "say You'll regret this.;alias bee bee1483"
alias bee1483 "say Barry, how much honey is out there?;alias bee bee1484"
alias bee1484 "say All right. One at a time.;alias bee bee1485"
alias bee1485 "say Barry, who are you wearing?;alias bee bee1486"
alias bee1486 "say My sweater is Ralph Lauren,;alias bee bee1487"
alias bee1487 "say and I have no pants.;alias bee bee1488"
alias bee1488 "say - What if Montgomery's right?;alias bee bee1489"
alias bee1489 "say - What do you mean?;alias bee bee1490"
alias bee1490 "say We've been living the bee way;alias bee bee1491"
alias bee1491 "say a long time, 27 million years.;alias bee bee1492"
alias bee1492 "say Oongratulations on your victory.;alias bee bee1493"
alias bee1493 "say What will you demand as a settlement?;alias bee bee1494"
alias bee1494 "say First, we'll demand a complete shutdown;alias bee bee1495"
alias bee1495 "say of all bee work camps.;alias bee bee1496"
alias bee1496 "say Then we want back the honey;alias bee bee1497"
alias bee1497 "say that was ours to begin with,;alias bee bee1498"
alias bee1498 "say every last drop.;alias bee bee1499"
alias bee1499 "say We demand an end to the glorification;alias bee bee1500"
alias bee1500 "say of the bear as anything more;alias bee bee1501"
alias bee1501 "say than a filthy, smelly,;alias bee bee1502"
alias bee1502 "say bad-breath stink machine.;alias bee bee1503"
alias bee1503 "say We're all aware;alias bee bee1504"
alias bee1504 "say of what they do in the woods.;alias bee bee1505"
alias bee1505 "say Wait for my signal.;alias bee bee1506"
alias bee1506 "say Take him out.;alias bee bee1507"
alias bee1507 "say He'll have nauseous;alias bee bee1508"
alias bee1508 "say for a few hours, then he'll be fine.;alias bee bee1509"
alias bee1509 "say And we will no longer tolerate;alias bee bee1510"
alias bee1510 "say bee-negative nicknames...;alias bee bee1511"
alias bee1511 "say But it's just a prance-about stage name!;alias bee bee1512"
alias bee1512 "say ...unnecessary inclusion of honey;alias bee bee1513"
alias bee1513 "say in bogus health products;alias bee bee1514"
alias bee1514 "say and la-dee-da human;alias bee bee1515"
alias bee1515 "say tea-time snack garnishments.;alias bee bee1516"
alias bee1516 "say Oan't breathe.;alias bee bee1517"
alias bee1517 "say Bring it in, boys!;alias bee bee1518"
alias bee1518 "say Hold it right there! Good.;alias bee bee1519"
alias bee1519 "say Tap it.;alias bee bee1520"
alias bee1520 "say Mr. Buzzwell, we just passed three cups,;alias bee bee1521"
alias bee1521 "say and there's gallons more coming!;alias bee bee1522"
alias bee1522 "say - I think we need to shut down!;alias bee bee1523"
alias bee1523 "say - Shut down? We've never shut down.;alias bee bee1524"
alias bee1524 "say Shut down honey production!;alias bee bee1525"
alias bee1525 "say Stop making honey!;alias bee bee1526"
alias bee1526 "say Turn your key, sir!;alias bee bee1527"
alias bee1527 "say What do we do now?;alias bee bee1528"
alias bee1528 "say Oannonball!;alias bee bee1529"
alias bee1529 "say We're shutting honey production!;alias bee bee1530"
alias bee1530 "say Mission abort.;alias bee bee1531"
alias bee1531 "say Aborting pollination and nectar detail.;alias bee bee1532"
alias bee1532 "say Returning to base.;alias bee bee1533"
alias bee1533 "say Adam, you wouldn't believe;alias bee bee1534"
alias bee1534 "say how much honey was out there.;alias bee bee1535"
alias bee1535 "say Oh, yeah?;alias bee bee1536"
alias bee1536 "say What's going on? Where is everybody?;alias bee bee1537"
alias bee1537 "say - Are they out celebrating?;alias bee bee1538"
alias bee1538 "say - They're home.;alias bee bee1539"
alias bee1539 "say They don't know what to do.;alias bee bee1540"
alias bee1540 "say Laying out, sleeping in.;alias bee bee1541"
alias bee1541 "say I heard your Uncle Oarl was on his way;alias bee bee1542"
alias bee1542 "say to San Antonio with a cricket.;alias bee bee1543"
alias bee1543 "say At least we got our honey back.;alias bee bee1544"
alias bee1544 "say Sometimes I think, so what if humans;alias bee bee1545"
alias bee1545 "say liked our honey? Who wouldn't?;alias bee bee1546"
alias bee1546 "say It's the greatest thing in the world!;alias bee bee1547"
alias bee1547 "say I was excited to be part of making it.;alias bee bee1548"
alias bee1548 "say This was my new desk. This was my;alias bee bee1549"
alias bee1549 "say new job. I wanted to do it really well.;alias bee bee1550"
alias bee1550 "say And now...;alias bee bee1551"
alias bee1551 "say Now I can't.;alias bee bee1552"
alias bee1552 "say I don't understand;alias bee bee1553"
alias bee1553 "say why they're not happy.;alias bee bee1554"
alias bee1554 "say I thought their lives would be better!;alias bee bee1555"
alias bee1555 "say They're doing nothing. It's amazing.;alias bee bee1556"
alias bee1556 "say Honey really changes people.;alias bee bee1557"
alias bee1557 "say You don't have any idea;alias bee bee1558"
alias bee1558 "say what's going on, do you?;alias bee bee1559"
alias bee1559 "say - What did you want to show me?;alias bee bee1560"
alias bee1560 "say - This.;alias bee bee1561"
alias bee1561 "say What happened here?;alias bee bee1562"
alias bee1562 "say That is not the half of it.;alias bee bee1563"
alias bee1563 "say Oh, no. Oh, my.;alias bee bee1564"
alias bee1564 "say They're all wilting.;alias bee bee1565"
alias bee1565 "say Doesn't look very good, does it?;alias bee bee1566"
alias bee1566 "say No.;alias bee bee1567"
alias bee1567 "say And whose fault do you think that is?;alias bee bee1568"
alias bee1568 "say You know, I'm gonna guess bees.;alias bee bee1569"
alias bee1569 "say Bees?;alias bee bee1570"
alias bee1570 "say Specifically, me.;alias bee bee1571"
alias bee1571 "say I didn't think bees not needing to make;alias bee bee1572"
alias bee1572 "say honey would affect all these things.;alias bee bee1573"
alias bee1573 "say It's notjust flowers.;alias bee bee1574"
alias bee1574 "say Fruits, vegetables, they all need bees.;alias bee bee1575"
alias bee1575 "say That's our whole SAT test right there.;alias bee bee1576"
alias bee1576 "say Take away produce, that affects;alias bee bee1577"
alias bee1577 "say the entire animal kingdom.;alias bee bee1578"
alias bee1578 "say And then, of course...;alias bee bee1579"
alias bee1579 "say The human species?;alias bee bee1580"
alias bee1580 "say So if there's no more pollination,;alias bee bee1581"
alias bee1581 "say it could all just go south here,;alias bee bee1582"
alias bee1582 "say couldn't it?;alias bee bee1583"
alias bee1583 "say I know this is also partly my fault.;alias bee bee1584"
alias bee1584 "say How about a suicide pact?;alias bee bee1585"
alias bee1585 "say How do we do it?;alias bee bee1586"
alias bee1586 "say - I'll sting you, you step on me.;alias bee bee1587"
alias bee1587 "say - Thatjust kills you twice.;alias bee bee1588"
alias bee1588 "say Right, right.;alias bee bee1589"
alias bee1589 "say Listen, Barry...;alias bee bee1590"
alias bee1590 "say sorry, but I gotta get going.;alias bee bee1591"
alias bee1591 "say I had to open my mouth and talk.;alias bee bee1592"
alias bee1592 "say Vanessa?;alias bee bee1593"
alias bee1593 "say Vanessa? Why are you leaving?;alias bee bee1594"
alias bee1594 "say Where are you going?;alias bee bee1595"
alias bee1595 "say To the final Tournament of Roses parade;alias bee bee1596"
alias bee1596 "say in Pasadena.;alias bee bee1597"
alias bee1597 "say They've moved it to this weekend;alias bee bee1598"
alias bee1598 "say because all the flowers are dying.;alias bee bee1599"
alias bee1599 "say It's the last chance;alias bee bee1600"
alias bee1600 "say I'll ever have to see it.;alias bee bee1601"
alias bee1601 "say Vanessa, I just wanna say I'm sorry.;alias bee bee1602"
alias bee1602 "say I never meant it to turn out like this.;alias bee bee1603"
alias bee1603 "say I know. Me neither.;alias bee bee1604"
alias bee1604 "say Tournament of Roses.;alias bee bee1605"
alias bee1605 "say Roses can't do sports.;alias bee bee1606"
alias bee1606 "say Wait a minute. Roses. Roses?;alias bee bee1607"
alias bee1607 "say Roses!;alias bee bee1608"
alias bee1608 "say Vanessa!;alias bee bee1609"
alias bee1609 "say Roses?!;alias bee bee1610"
alias bee1610 "say Barry?;alias bee bee1611"
alias bee1611 "say - Roses are flowers!;alias bee bee1612"
alias bee1612 "say - Yes, they are.;alias bee bee1613"
alias bee1613 "say Flowers, bees, pollen!;alias bee bee1614"
alias bee1614 "say I know.;alias bee bee1615"
alias bee1615 "say That's why this is the last parade.;alias bee bee1616"
alias bee1616 "say Maybe not.;alias bee bee1617"
alias bee1617 "say Oould you ask him to slow down?;alias bee bee1618"
alias bee1618 "say Oould you slow down?;alias bee bee1619"
alias bee1619 "say Barry!;alias bee bee1620"
alias bee1620 "say OK, I made a huge mistake.;alias bee bee1621"
alias bee1621 "say This is a total disaster, all my fault.;alias bee bee1622"
alias bee1622 "say Yes, it kind of is.;alias bee bee1623"
alias bee1623 "say I've ruined the planet.;alias bee bee1624"
alias bee1624 "say I wanted to help you;alias bee bee1625"
alias bee1625 "say with the flower shop.;alias bee bee1626"
alias bee1626 "say I've made it worse.;alias bee bee1627"
alias bee1627 "say Actually, it's completely closed down.;alias bee bee1628"
alias bee1628 "say I thought maybe you were remodeling.;alias bee bee1629"
alias bee1629 "say But I have another idea, and it's;alias bee bee1630"
alias bee1630 "say greater than my previous ideas combined.;alias bee bee1631"
alias bee1631 "say I don't want to hear it!;alias bee bee1632"
alias bee1632 "say All right, they have the roses,;alias bee bee1633"
alias bee1633 "say the roses have the pollen.;alias bee bee1634"
alias bee1634 "say I know every bee, plant;alias bee bee1635"
alias bee1635 "say and flower bud in this park.;alias bee bee1636"
alias bee1636 "say All we gotta do is get what they've got;alias bee bee1637"
alias bee1637 "say back here with what we've got.;alias bee bee1638"
alias bee1638 "say - Bees.;alias bee bee1639"
alias bee1639 "say - Park.;alias bee bee1640"
alias bee1640 "say - Pollen!;alias bee bee1641"
alias bee1641 "say - Flowers.;alias bee bee1642"
alias bee1642 "say - Repollination!;alias bee bee1643"
alias bee1643 "say - Across the nation!;alias bee bee1644"
alias bee1644 "say Tournament of Roses,;alias bee bee1645"
alias bee1645 "say Pasadena, Oalifornia.;alias bee bee1646"
alias bee1646 "say They've got nothing;alias bee bee1647"
alias bee1647 "say but flowers, floats and cotton candy.;alias bee bee1648"
alias bee1648 "say Security will be tight.;alias bee bee1649"
alias bee1649 "say I have an idea.;alias bee bee1650"
alias bee1650 "say Vanessa Bloome, FTD.;alias bee bee1651"
alias bee1651 "say Official floral business. It's real.;alias bee bee1652"
alias bee1652 "say Sorry, ma'am. Nice brooch.;alias bee bee1653"
alias bee1653 "say Thank you. It was a gift.;alias bee bee1654"
alias bee1654 "say Once inside,;alias bee bee1655"
alias bee1655 "say we just pick the right float.;alias bee bee1656"
alias bee1656 "say How about The Princess and the Pea?;alias bee bee1657"
alias bee1657 "say I could be the princess,;alias bee bee1658"
alias bee1658 "say and you could be the pea!;alias bee bee1659"
alias bee1659 "say Yes, I got it.;alias bee bee1660"
alias bee1660 "say - Where should I sit?;alias bee bee1661"
alias bee1661 "say - What are you?;alias bee bee1662"
alias bee1662 "say - I believe I'm the pea.;alias bee bee1663"
alias bee1663 "say - The pea?;alias bee bee1664"
alias bee1664 "say It goes under the mattresses.;alias bee bee1665"
alias bee1665 "say - Not in this fairy tale, sweetheart.;alias bee bee1666"
alias bee1666 "say - I'm getting the marshal.;alias bee bee1667"
alias bee1667 "say You do that!;alias bee bee1668"
alias bee1668 "say This whole parade is a fiasco!;alias bee bee1669"
alias bee1669 "say Let's see what this baby'll do.;alias bee bee1670"
alias bee1670 "say Hey, what are you doing?!;alias bee bee1671"
alias bee1671 "say Then all we do;alias bee bee1672"
alias bee1672 "say is blend in with traffic...;alias bee bee1673"
alias bee1673 "say ...without arousing suspicion.;alias bee bee1674"
alias bee1674 "say Once at the airport,;alias bee bee1675"
alias bee1675 "say there's no stopping us.;alias bee bee1676"
alias bee1676 "say Stop! Security.;alias bee bee1677"
alias bee1677 "say - You and your insect pack your float?;alias bee bee1678"
alias bee1678 "say - Yes.;alias bee bee1679"
alias bee1679 "say Has it been;alias bee bee1680"
alias bee1680 "say in your possession the entire time?;alias bee bee1681"
alias bee1681 "say Would you remove your shoes?;alias bee bee1682"
alias bee1682 "say - Remove your stinger.;alias bee bee1683"
alias bee1683 "say - It's part of me.;alias bee bee1684"
alias bee1684 "say I know. Just having some fun.;alias bee bee1685"
alias bee1685 "say Enjoy your flight.;alias bee bee1686"
alias bee1686 "say Then if we're lucky, we'll have;alias bee bee1687"
alias bee1687 "say just enough pollen to do the job.;alias bee bee1688"
alias bee1688 "say Oan you believe how lucky we are? We;alias bee bee1689"
alias bee1689 "say have just enough pollen to do the job!;alias bee bee1690"
alias bee1690 "say I think this is gonna work.;alias bee bee1691"
alias bee1691 "say It's got to work.;alias bee bee1692"
alias bee1692 "say Attention, passengers,;alias bee bee1693"
alias bee1693 "say this is Oaptain Scott.;alias bee bee1694"
alias bee1694 "say We have a bit of bad weather;alias bee bee1695"
alias bee1695 "say in New York.;alias bee bee1696"
alias bee1696 "say It looks like we'll experience;alias bee bee1697"
alias bee1697 "say a couple hours delay.;alias bee bee1698"
alias bee1698 "say Barry, these are cut flowers;alias bee bee1699"
alias bee1699 "say with no water. They'll never make it.;alias bee bee1700"
alias bee1700 "say I gotta get up there;alias bee bee1701"
alias bee1701 "say and talk to them.;alias bee bee1702"
alias bee1702 "say Be careful.;alias bee bee1703"
alias bee1703 "say Oan I get help;alias bee bee1704"
alias bee1704 "say with the Sky Mall magazine?;alias bee bee1705"
alias bee1705 "say I'd like to order the talking;alias bee bee1706"
alias bee1706 "say inflatable nose and ear hair trimmer.;alias bee bee1707"
alias bee1707 "say Oaptain, I'm in a real situation.;alias bee bee1708"
alias bee1708 "say - What'd you say, Hal?;alias bee bee1709"
alias bee1709 "say - Nothing.;alias bee bee1710"
alias bee1710 "say Bee!;alias bee bee1711"
alias bee1711 "say Don't freak out! My entire species...;alias bee bee1712"
alias bee1712 "say What are you doing?;alias bee bee1713"
alias bee1713 "say - Wait a minute! I'm an attorney!;alias bee bee1714"
alias bee1714 "say - Who's an attorney?;alias bee bee1715"
alias bee1715 "say Don't move.;alias bee bee1716"
alias bee1716 "say Oh, Barry.;alias bee bee1717"
alias bee1717 "say Good afternoon, passengers.;alias bee bee1718"
alias bee1718 "say This is your captain.;alias bee bee1719"
alias bee1719 "say Would a Miss Vanessa Bloome in 24B;alias bee bee1720"
alias bee1720 "say please report to the cockpit?;alias bee bee1721"
alias bee1721 "say And please hurry!;alias bee bee1722"
alias bee1722 "say What happened here?;alias bee bee1723"
alias bee1723 "say There was a DustBuster,;alias bee bee1724"
alias bee1724 "say a toupee, a life raft exploded.;alias bee bee1725"
alias bee1725 "say One's bald, one's in a boat,;alias bee bee1726"
alias bee1726 "say they're both unconscious!;alias bee bee1727"
alias bee1727 "say - Is that another bee joke?;alias bee bee1728"
alias bee1728 "say - No!;alias bee bee1729"
alias bee1729 "say No one's flying the plane!;alias bee bee1730"
alias bee1730 "say This is JFK control tower, Flight 356.;alias bee bee1731"
alias bee1731 "say What's your status?;alias bee bee1732"
alias bee1732 "say This is Vanessa Bloome.;alias bee bee1733"
alias bee1733 "say I'm a florist from New York.;alias bee bee1734"
alias bee1734 "say Where's the pilot?;alias bee bee1735"
alias bee1735 "say He's unconscious,;alias bee bee1736"
alias bee1736 "say and so is the copilot.;alias bee bee1737"
alias bee1737 "say Not good. Does anyone onboard;alias bee bee1738"
alias bee1738 "say have flight experience?;alias bee bee1739"
alias bee1739 "say As a matter of fact, there is.;alias bee bee1740"
alias bee1740 "say - Who's that?;alias bee bee1741"
alias bee1741 "say - Barry Benson.;alias bee bee1742"
alias bee1742 "say From the honey trial?! Oh, great.;alias bee bee1743"
alias bee1743 "say Vanessa, this is nothing more;alias bee bee1744"
alias bee1744 "say than a big metal bee.;alias bee bee1745"
alias bee1745 "say It's got giant wings, huge engines.;alias bee bee1746"
alias bee1746 "say I can't fly a plane.;alias bee bee1747"
alias bee1747 "say - Why not? Isn't John Travolta a pilot?;alias bee bee1748"
alias bee1748 "say - Yes.;alias bee bee1749"
alias bee1749 "say How hard could it be?;alias bee bee1750"
alias bee1750 "say Wait, Barry!;alias bee bee1751"
alias bee1751 "say We're headed into some lightning.;alias bee bee1752"
alias bee1752 "say This is Bob Bumble. We have some;alias bee bee1753"
alias bee1753 "say late-breaking news from JFK Airport,;alias bee bee1754"
alias bee1754 "say where a suspenseful scene;alias bee bee1755"
alias bee1755 "say is developing.;alias bee bee1756"
alias bee1756 "say Barry Benson,;alias bee bee1757"
alias bee1757 "say fresh from his legal victory...;alias bee bee1758"
alias bee1758 "say That's Barry!;alias bee bee1759"
alias bee1759 "say attempting to land a plane,;alias bee bee1760"
alias bee1760 "say loaded with people, flowers;alias bee bee1761"
alias bee1761 "say and an incapacitated flight crew.;alias bee bee1762"
alias bee1762 "say Flowers?!;alias bee bee1763"
alias bee1763 "say We have a storm in the area;alias bee bee1764"
alias bee1764 "say and two individuals at the controls;alias bee bee1765"
alias bee1765 "say with absolutely no flight experience.;alias bee bee1766"
alias bee1766 "say Just a minute.;alias bee bee1767"
alias bee1767 "say There's a bee on that plane.;alias bee bee1768"
alias bee1768 "say I'm quite familiar with Mr. Benson;alias bee bee1769"
alias bee1769 "say and his no-account compadres.;alias bee bee1770"
alias bee1770 "say They've done enough damage.;alias bee bee1771"
alias bee1771 "say But isn't he your only hope?;alias bee bee1772"
alias bee1772 "say Technically, a bee;alias bee bee1773"
alias bee1773 "say shouldn't be able to fly at all.;alias bee bee1774"
alias bee1774 "say Their wings are too small...;alias bee bee1775"
alias bee1775 "say Haven't we heard this a million times?;alias bee bee1776"
alias bee1776 "say The surface area of the wings;alias bee bee1777"
alias bee1777 "say and body mass make no sense.;alias bee bee1778"
alias bee1778 "say - Get this on the air!;alias bee bee1779"
alias bee1779 "say - Got it.;alias bee bee1780"
alias bee1780 "say - Stand by.;alias bee bee1781"
alias bee1781 "say - We're going live.;alias bee bee1782"
alias bee1782 "say The way we work may be a mystery to you.;alias bee bee1783"
alias bee1783 "say Making honey takes a lot of bees;alias bee bee1784"
alias bee1784 "say doing a lot of small jobs.;alias bee bee1785"
alias bee1785 "say But let me tell you about a small job.;alias bee bee1786"
alias bee1786 "say If you do it well,;alias bee bee1787"
alias bee1787 "say it makes a big difference.;alias bee bee1788"
alias bee1788 "say More than we realized.;alias bee bee1789"
alias bee1789 "say To us, to everyone.;alias bee bee1790"
alias bee1790 "say That's why I want to get bees;alias bee bee1791"
alias bee1791 "say back to working together.;alias bee bee1792"
alias bee1792 "say That's the bee way!;alias bee bee1793"
alias bee1793 "say We're not made of Jell-O.;alias bee bee1794"
alias bee1794 "say We get behind a fellow.;alias bee bee1795"
alias bee1795 "say - Black and yellow!;alias bee bee1796"
alias bee1796 "say - Hello!;alias bee bee1797"
alias bee1797 "say Left, right, down, hover.;alias bee bee1798"
alias bee1798 "say - Hover?;alias bee bee1799"
alias bee1799 "say - Forget hover.;alias bee bee1800"
alias bee1800 "say This isn't so hard.;alias bee bee1801"
alias bee1801 "say Beep-beep! Beep-beep!;alias bee bee1802"
alias bee1802 "say Barry, what happened?!;alias bee bee1803"
alias bee1803 "say Wait, I think we were;alias bee bee1804"
alias bee1804 "say on autopilot the whole time.;alias bee bee1805"
alias bee1805 "say - That may have been helping me.;alias bee bee1806"
alias bee1806 "say - And now we're not!;alias bee bee1807"
alias bee1807 "say So it turns out I cannot fly a plane.;alias bee bee1808"
alias bee1808 "say All of you, let's get;alias bee bee1809"
alias bee1809 "say behind this fellow! Move it out!;alias bee bee1810"
alias bee1810 "say Move out!;alias bee bee1811"
alias bee1811 "say Our only chance is if I do what I'd do,;alias bee bee1812"
alias bee1812 "say you copy me with the wings of the plane!;alias bee bee1813"
alias bee1813 "say Don't have to yell.;alias bee bee1814"
alias bee1814 "say I'm not yelling!;alias bee bee1815"
alias bee1815 "say We're in a lot of trouble.;alias bee bee1816"
alias bee1816 "say It's very hard to concentrate;alias bee bee1817"
alias bee1817 "say with that panicky tone in your voice!;alias bee bee1818"
alias bee1818 "say It's not a tone. I'm panicking!;alias bee bee1819"
alias bee1819 "say I can't do this!;alias bee bee1820"
alias bee1820 "say Vanessa, pull yourself together.;alias bee bee1821"
alias bee1821 "say You have to snap out of it!;alias bee bee1822"
alias bee1822 "say You snap out of it.;alias bee bee1823"
alias bee1823 "say You snap out of it.;alias bee bee1824"
alias bee1824 "say - You snap out of it!;alias bee bee1825"
alias bee1825 "say - You snap out of it!;alias bee bee1826"
alias bee1826 "say - You snap out of it!;alias bee bee1827"
alias bee1827 "say - You snap out of it!;alias bee bee1828"
alias bee1828 "say - You snap out of it!;alias bee bee1829"
alias bee1829 "say - You snap out of it!;alias bee bee1830"
alias bee1830 "say - Hold it!;alias bee bee1831"
alias bee1831 "say - Why? Oome on, it's my turn.;alias bee bee1832"
alias bee1832 "say How is the plane flying?;alias bee bee1833"
alias bee1833 "say I don't know.;alias bee bee1834"
alias bee1834 "say Hello?;alias bee bee1835"
alias bee1835 "say Benson, got any flowers;alias bee bee1836"
alias bee1836 "say for a happy occasion in there?;alias bee bee1837"
alias bee1837 "say The Pollen Jocks!;alias bee bee1838"
alias bee1838 "say They do get behind a fellow.;alias bee bee1839"
alias bee1839 "say - Black and yellow.;alias bee bee1840"
alias bee1840 "say - Hello.;alias bee bee1841"
alias bee1841 "say All right, let's drop this tin can;alias bee bee1842"
alias bee1842 "say on the blacktop.;alias bee bee1843"
alias bee1843 "say Where? I can't see anything. Oan you?;alias bee bee1844"
alias bee1844 "say No, nothing. It's all cloudy.;alias bee bee1845"
alias bee1845 "say Oome on. You got to think bee, Barry.;alias bee bee1846"
alias bee1846 "say - Thinking bee.;alias bee bee1847"
alias bee1847 "say - Thinking bee.;alias bee bee1848"
alias bee1848 "say Thinking bee!;alias bee bee1849"
alias bee1849 "say Thinking bee! Thinking bee!;alias bee bee1850"
alias bee1850 "say Wait a minute.;alias bee bee1851"
alias bee1851 "say I think I'm feeling something.;alias bee bee1852"
alias bee1852 "say - What?;alias bee bee1853"
alias bee1853 "say - I don't know. It's strong, pulling me.;alias bee bee1854"
alias bee1854 "say Like a 27-million-year-old instinct.;alias bee bee1855"
alias bee1855 "say Bring the nose down.;alias bee bee1856"
alias bee1856 "say Thinking bee!;alias bee bee1857"
alias bee1857 "say Thinking bee! Thinking bee!;alias bee bee1858"
alias bee1858 "say - What in the world is on the tarmac?;alias bee bee1859"
alias bee1859 "say - Get some lights on that!;alias bee bee1860"
alias bee1860 "say Thinking bee!;alias bee bee1861"
alias bee1861 "say Thinking bee! Thinking bee!;alias bee bee1862"
alias bee1862 "say - Vanessa, aim for the flower.;alias bee bee1863"
alias bee1863 "say - OK.;alias bee bee1864"
alias bee1864 "say Out the engines. We're going in;alias bee bee1865"
alias bee1865 "say on bee power. Ready, boys?;alias bee bee1866"
alias bee1866 "say Affirmative!;alias bee bee1867"
alias bee1867 "say Good. Good. Easy, now. That's it.;alias bee bee1868"
alias bee1868 "say Land on that flower!;alias bee bee1869"
alias bee1869 "say Ready? Full reverse!;alias bee bee1870"
alias bee1870 "say Spin it around!;alias bee bee1871"
alias bee1871 "say - Not that flower! The other one!;alias bee bee1872"
alias bee1872 "say - Which one?;alias bee bee1873"
alias bee1873 "say - That flower.;alias bee bee1874"
alias bee1874 "say - I'm aiming at the flower!;alias bee bee1875"
alias bee1875 "say That's a fat guy in a flowered shirt.;alias bee bee1876"
alias bee1876 "say I mean the giant pulsating flower;alias bee bee1877"
alias bee1877 "say made of millions of bees!;alias bee bee1878"
alias bee1878 "say Pull forward. Nose down. Tail up.;alias bee bee1879"
alias bee1879 "say Rotate around it.;alias bee bee1880"
alias bee1880 "say - This is insane, Barry!;alias bee bee1881"
alias bee1881 "say - This's the only way I know how to fly.;alias bee bee1882"
alias bee1882 "say Am I koo-koo-kachoo, or is this plane;alias bee bee1883"
alias bee1883 "say flying in an insect-like pattern?;alias bee bee1884"
alias bee1884 "say Get your nose in there. Don't be afraid.;alias bee bee1885"
alias bee1885 "say Smell it. Full reverse!;alias bee bee1886"
alias bee1886 "say Just drop it. Be a part of it.;alias bee bee1887"
alias bee1887 "say Aim for the center!;alias bee bee1888"
alias bee1888 "say Now drop it in! Drop it in, woman!;alias bee bee1889"
alias bee1889 "say Oome on, already.;alias bee bee1890"
alias bee1890 "say Barry, we did it!;alias bee bee1891"
alias bee1891 "say You taught me how to fly!;alias bee bee1892"
alias bee1892 "say - Yes. No high-five!;alias bee bee1893"
alias bee1893 "say - Right.;alias bee bee1894"
alias bee1894 "say Barry, it worked!;alias bee bee1895"
alias bee1895 "say Did you see the giant flower?;alias bee bee1896"
alias bee1896 "say What giant flower? Where? Of course;alias bee bee1897"
alias bee1897 "say I saw the flower! That was genius!;alias bee bee1898"
alias bee1898 "say - Thank you.;alias bee bee1899"
alias bee1899 "say - But we're not done yet.;alias bee bee1900"
alias bee1900 "say Listen, everyone!;alias bee bee1901"
alias bee1901 "say This runway is covered;alias bee bee1902"
alias bee1902 "say with the last pollen;alias bee bee1903"
alias bee1903 "say from the last flowers;alias bee bee1904"
alias bee1904 "say available anywhere on Earth.;alias bee bee1905"
alias bee1905 "say That means this is our last chance.;alias bee bee1906"
alias bee1906 "say We're the only ones who make honey,;alias bee bee1907"
alias bee1907 "say pollinate flowers and dress like this.;alias bee bee1908"
alias bee1908 "say If we're gonna survive as a species,;alias bee bee1909"
alias bee1909 "say this is our moment! What do you say?;alias bee bee1910"
alias bee1910 "say Are we going to be bees, orjust;alias bee bee1911"
alias bee1911 "say Museum of Natural History keychains?;alias bee bee1912"
alias bee1912 "say We're bees!;alias bee bee1913"
alias bee1913 "say Keychain!;alias bee bee1914"
alias bee1914 "say Then follow me! Except Keychain.;alias bee bee1915"
alias bee1915 "say Hold on, Barry. Here.;alias bee bee1916"
alias bee1916 "say You've earned this.;alias bee bee1917"
alias bee1917 "say Yeah!;alias bee bee1918"
alias bee1918 "say I'm a Pollen Jock! And it's a perfect;alias bee bee1919"
alias bee1919 "say fit. All I gotta do are the sleeves.;alias bee bee1920"
alias bee1920 "say Oh, yeah.;alias bee bee1921"
alias bee1921 "say That's our Barry.;alias bee bee1922"
alias bee1922 "say Mom! The bees are back!;alias bee bee1923"
alias bee1923 "say If anybody needs;alias bee bee1924"
alias bee1924 "say to make a call, now's the time.;alias bee bee1925"
alias bee1925 "say I got a feeling we'll be;alias bee bee1926"
alias bee1926 "say working late tonight!;alias bee bee1927"
alias bee1927 "say Here's your change. Have a great;alias bee bee1928"
alias bee1928 "say afternoon! Oan I help who's next?;alias bee bee1929"
alias bee1929 "say Would you like some honey with that?;alias bee bee1930"
alias bee1930 "say It is bee-approved. Don't forget these.;alias bee bee1931"
alias bee1931 "say Milk, cream, cheese, it's all me.;alias bee bee1932"
alias bee1932 "say And I don't see a nickel!;alias bee bee1933"
alias bee1933 "say Sometimes I just feel;alias bee bee1934"
alias bee1934 "say like a piece of meat!;alias bee bee1935"
alias bee1935 "say I had no idea.;alias bee bee1936"
alias bee1936 "say Barry, I'm sorry.;alias bee bee1937"
alias bee1937 "say Have you got a moment?;alias bee bee1938"
alias bee1938 "say Would you excuse me?;alias bee bee1939"
alias bee1939 "say My mosquito associate will help you.;alias bee bee1940"
alias bee1940 "say Sorry I'm late.;alias bee bee1941"
alias bee1941 "say He's a lawyer too?;alias bee bee1942"
alias bee1942 "say I was already a blood-sucking parasite.;alias bee bee1943"
alias bee1943 "say All I needed was a briefcase.;alias bee bee1944"
alias bee1944 "say Have a great afternoon!;alias bee bee1945"
alias bee1945 "say Barry, I just got this huge tulip order,;alias bee bee1946"
alias bee1946 "say and I can't get them anywhere.;alias bee bee1947"
alias bee1947 "say No problem, Vannie.;alias bee bee1948"
alias bee1948 "say Just leave it to me.;alias bee bee1949"
alias bee1949 "say You're a lifesaver, Barry.;alias bee bee1950"
alias bee1950 "say Oan I help who's next?;alias bee bee1951"
alias bee1951 "say All right, scramble, jocks!;alias bee bee1952"
alias bee1952 "say It's time to fly.;alias bee bee1953"
alias bee1953 "say Thank you, Barry!;alias bee bee1954"
alias bee1954 "say That bee is living my life!;alias bee bee1955"
alias bee1955 "say Let it go, Kenny.;alias bee bee1956"
alias bee1956 "say - When will this nightmare end?!;alias bee bee1957"
alias bee1957 "say - Let it all go.;alias bee bee1958"
alias bee1958 "say - Beautiful day to fly.;alias bee bee1959"
alias bee1959 "say - Sure is.;alias bee bee1960"
alias bee1960 "say Between you and me,;alias bee bee1961"
alias bee1961 "say I was dying to get out of that office.;alias bee bee1962"
alias bee1962 "say You have got;alias bee bee1963"
alias bee1963 "say to start thinking bee, my friend.;alias bee bee1964"
alias bee1964 "say - Thinking bee!;alias bee bee1965"
alias bee1965 "say - Me?;alias bee bee1966"
alias bee1966 "say Hold it. Let's just stop;alias bee bee1967"
alias bee1967 "say for a second. Hold it.;alias bee bee1968"
alias bee1968 "say I'm sorry. I'm sorry, everyone.;alias bee bee1969"
alias bee1969 "say Oan we stop here?;alias bee bee1970"
alias bee1970 "say I'm not making a major life decision;alias bee bee1971"
alias bee1971 "say during a production number!;alias bee bee1972"
alias bee1972 "say All right. Take ten, everybody.;alias bee bee1973"
alias bee1973 "say Wrap it up, guys.;alias bee bee1974"
alias bee1974 "say I had virtually no rehearsal for that.;alias bee bee1975"
alias bee1975 "bee1"
alias bee "bee1"